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Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Generations of the Scoreboard
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• Posted by: Christian Kühn
• Date: Thursday, November 11, 2021, at 12:54 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Gen... (Edmund Meinerts)
• Now Playing: To Kill a Mockingbird (E. Bernstein, ****)

> - Gratuliere, Kühni, du bist offiziell der verrückteste von uns allen. big grin
> Kühni is the only poster to reach over 2,000 posts in all three iterations
> of the Board, though he's not top 3 in any of them. A true Filmtracks
> institution at this point, the place would not be the same without you! smile

Really didn't expect this outcome when I first clicked on the thread this morning. big grin big grin Does this mean I have now officially become the Supreme Lava-Man of the Known Universe, eh? EH?

I shall use my new superpowers wisely... *flash* Oooohhhh, finally the long-awaited Harry Potter box-set of all seven scores by Patrick Doyle...

Y'know, it's funny, because I was a bit mad that I didn't crack the Top Ten for the previous Scoreboard incarnation. Or, in retrospect, the Top Three for the one before. For the first, there were early post I did under "Chris Kuehn", and there has an elven-named alias of conspicuous curmudgeonery that probably would add a dozen posts or so...but still, I am both a wee bit chuffed, proud, amused and perturbed by this fact (for the time being).

While the quantity of my contributions has been fluctuating for the past couple of years, the subterranean quality of my many off-kilter non sequitur-posts never was in doubt! clown And just how often do folks need to read wax lyrical about the awesomeness of Shore's Middle-earth scores or my fondess of all things Babylon 5? 'fraid that my pseudo!innocuous banterings with that lovely guy from Bottoms Below, or however that's named, will continue for the foreseeable future.

And perhaps I'll find a way to re-kindle that half-dormant spark of my love of film music...and I'm happy to say that this Board and its quality assemblage of wonderful and characterful people is a constant source of entertainment, knowledge and fondness. Long may it continue! And to those of you who for whatever unfathomable reason find my intimidating (as I've been told a couple of times)...don't be. I don't deserve that particular badge of honour! wink

> - That said, I'm almost more impressed that Craig is up there having
> participated in just two generations.

Craig is one of the loveliest men I have ever had the good fortune to know and meet. Wish that my path would have led me to a place where meeting up with him and Segundo could have been a, oh I dunno, bi-monthly thing. Miss you, Craig!

> - For some reason I always forget how long PT has been around. He's the
> only poster other than Kühni to have more than 1,000 posts in all three.
> Nate, Jon and CC himself are the only others to have posted at least
> semi-regularly in all three.

OMG, PT. Best Dutchman I've ever known (and I don't know many Dutchmen!). We started posting and regularly roughly around the same time, if I remember correctly. Funny anecdote: with PT, a "thing" began that has since occurred regularly. That is, arranging to meet up, often in a place not well-known to either party ("Let's met at XYZ [it usually being a cathedral] at 123 hours!"), arriving at said place within moments of each other, me casting a glance over my shoulder to find PT there looking around for me as well.

MANY fond memories with Peter, and it was beyond lovely to meet up with him again in 2017 after 13 years and walk down some old paths in the Peak District.

> - What on earth happened to Jack?

I hope that he is doing well, wherever he is.

> - I have no clue who Joti is, and he never really seems to get talked
> about, but he was extremely prolific on the first Board. He managed
> to make it onto this list despite his last post being in May of 2004, over
> two years before that iteration was retired. oh

Joti was a very extrovert Australian with a huge like of the fairer sex. No idea what became of him afterwards.

> - Despite being top 3 in the first generation, Jens seemed to vanish
> almost immediately once the second was launched, with only a sporadic few
> posts since then. Not sure if that's a coincidence or if I'm missing
> another username or what, just found it odd.

Jens Dietrich. Being German, we kinda found each other on the ScoreBoard by being connected by karma, or something. One could say he's the Ford Thaxton of film music nuts, but that does him great injustice in many ways. God, was (is) the guy knowledgeable, and GOD, what were (are?) his connections back in the early 2000s. Fond memories of three meetings (one of which included a road trip from Minnesota to a John Williams concert in Ohio in 2002) during his active days, and another one in 2012 after he had just moved to San Francisco, where I happened to be for a conference. Found out about this after arriving in SF, and then met up with him for dinner (in an Afghan restaurant) the next evening.

> - Just missing the cut among recently active members are Mikal (21st),
> Ethan R. Smith (22nd), JBlough (25th), Erik Woods (26th), Boden Steiner
> (28th), Michael Arlidge (29th), AntonioE1778 (31st), mastadge (35th).

Mikal and Ethan...wanna meet so bad! Jon Bl...had beers and burgers and a CD shopping spree with, wanna do so again so bad! The 'roo...wanna meet so so bad in bed! big grin Haven't met Erik, Boden, Antonio or Mastadge (from MN, right?), but if there's ever another opportunity for a Filmtracks Gathering, they should come so I can say I've met them (yes, and you, Vikram... tongue). Plus all the others, both new faces (including, but not limited, to Clint!) and throughout the years (Thomas Allen Smith! TOM CARTLEDGE!) that I'd love to finally shake hands with and shoot the shit about our hobby... smile

> Of course, post count alone is a very imprecise measure of any
> individual's contribution to the Board, equating as it does an off-hand
> *NM* post and an elaborate year-end wrap up. Word count would be better,
> but I am not that crazy, nor do I have that kind of time. And even
> that would measure quantity alone, not quality. I'd also love some way to
> consolidate data from both here and the Facebook group (especially since
> e.g. Yavar is still very active there) but that really is an impossible
> task lol

Met Yavar, too. Had AWEsome burgers and pink lemonade in a great place in Burbank. Fellow Fiver, a rare thing. You called ME craziest above? I've got NOTHING on Yavar... big grin

> I hope this was educational, enlightening, entertaining and perhaps
> nostalgic for some of you. Or else I've just convinced everyone that I
> need to be sectioned. Either one. big grin

It really was. Brought back some old and good memories, too. I should let Nate know that I still have the Lava-Man shirt I wore for the First Filmtracks Gathering so that he and Brendan would recognize Jens and me at the Minneapolis airport... I wonder what might have become of our Captain Hook, as I've been unable to contact him by eMail for years; I hope he is as well as he can be.

As for the other great friends I have made here and had the pleasure and honour to meet... Jonathan, Christian (perhaps that there was another Christian with a film music craze in his head was a reason that got me attached to Filmtracks back then...), Brendan, my fellow (but actual) Albertan, Riley, the Man from Vulcan (to which I've been, I have photos to proof it!)...

...and, of course, you, Edmund. When we met during my bicycle trips both times were actually among the highlights of the trips. Good music recommendations, too, on both the film music and classical side of things. Best Wang-man a Lava-man could ask for! devilish

So much for tonight. Thanks for compiling and commenting this, it actually added a little bounce to my step today! smile

Ta & tata,

Best Track of my Now Listening

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