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Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Generations of the Scoreboard
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• Posted by: AhN   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, November 11, 2021, at 1:46 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three... (Christian Kühn)

> Y'know, it's funny, because I was a bit mad that I didn't crack the Top
> Ten for the previous Scoreboard incarnation. Or, in retrospect, the Top
> Three for the one before. For the first, there were early post I did under
> 'Chris Kuehn', and there has an elven-named alias of conspicuous
> curmudgeonery that probably would add a dozen posts or so...but still, I
> am both a wee bit chuffed, proud, amused and perturbed by this fact (for
> the time being).

If you knew stuff about basketball, I'd compare you to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose career longevity, combined with a stretch of really impressive dominance, means he's the all-time NBA leader in points scored.

> While the quantity of my contributions has been fluctuating for the past
> couple of years, the subterranean quality of my many off-kilter non
> sequitur-posts never was in doubt! clown And just how often do folks need to
> read wax lyrical about the awesomeness of Shore's Middle-earth scores or
> my fondess of all things Babylon 5? 'fraid that my pseudo!innocuous
> banterings with that lovely guy from Bottoms Below,

I just spat out my kumquats.

> or however that's
> named, will continue for the foreseeable future.

> Jens Dietrich. Being German, we kinda found each other on the ScoreBoard
> by being connected by karma, or something. One could say he's the Ford
> Thaxton of film music nuts, that not Ford Thaxton by default?

> but that does him great injustice in many
> ways. God, was (is) the guy knowledgeable, and GOD, what were (are?) his
> connections back in the early 2000s. Fond memories of three meetings (one
> of which included a road trip from Minnesota to a John Williams concert in
> Ohio in 2002) during his active days, and another one in 2012 after he had
> just moved to San Francisco, where I happened to be for a conference.
> Found out about this after arriving in SF, and then met up with him for
> dinner (in an Afghan restaurant) the next evening.

> Mikal and Ethan...wanna meet so bad! Jon Bl...had beers and burgers
> and a CD shopping spree with, wanna do so again so bad! The
> 'roo...wanna meet so so bad in bed! big grin Haven't met Erik, Boden,
> Antonio or Mastadge (from MN, right?), but if there's ever another
> opportunity for a Filmtracks Gathering, they should come so I can say I've
> met them (yes, and you, Vikram... tongue).

Probably a bad sign that we both know I'm going to compulsively reply to anything you post wink (Though I wouldn't have made a comment about my omission lol)

> Plus all the others, both new faces
> (including, but not limited, to Clint!) and throughout the years (Thomas
> Allen Smith!

Wait, did Thomas and Ethan get married?? AND NO ONE TOLD ME????

> Met Yavar, too. Had AWEsome burgers and pink lemonade in a great place in
> Burbank. Fellow Fiver, a rare thing. You called ME craziest above? I've
> got NOTHING on Yavar... big grin

I still haven't checked out his and Jens's Goldsmith podcast. Feel like I'd learn a lot, though their Goldsmith expertise is a little overwhelming lol.

> Best Wang-man


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