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Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Generations of the Scoreboard
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• Posted by: Edmund Meinerts
• Date: Friday, November 12, 2021, at 6:26 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three... (Christian Kühn)

> Really didn't expect this outcome when I first clicked on the
> thread this morning. big grin big grin Does this mean I have now officially become the
> Supreme Lava-Man of the Known Universe, eh? EH?

Were you not always?

> I shall use my new superpowers wisely... *flash* Oooohhhh, finally the
> long-awaited Harry Potter box-set of all seven scores by Patrick Doyle...

All EIGHT scores, surely? tongue I'd love to hear them.

> Y'know, it's funny, because I was a bit mad that I didn't crack the Top
> Ten for the previous Scoreboard incarnation. Or, in retrospect, the Top
> Three for the one before. For the first, there were early post I did under
> 'Chris Kuehn', and there has an elven-named alias of conspicuous
> curmudgeonery that probably would add a dozen posts or so...but still, I
> am both a wee bit chuffed, proud, amused and perturbed by this fact (for
> the time being).

Your early aliases (both "Chris Kuehn" and "Christian Kuehn" sans umlaut) extend your lead by another 50 posts or so. Here's a fun one:

20 years later and I'd say you were wrong on that one!

> And perhaps I'll find a way to re-kindle that half-dormant spark of my
> love of film music...and I'm happy to say that this Board and its quality
> assemblage of wonderful and characterful people is a constant source of
> entertainment, knowledge and fondness. Long may it continue! And to those
> of you who for whatever unfathomable reason find my intimidating (as I've
> been told a couple of times)...don't be. I don't deserve that particular
> badge of honour! wink

At this point I think I'd come back here even if I never listened to another note of film music ever again in my life. (And the odds of that happening are pretty much zero, no matter how disillusioned or curmudgeonly I might get with the new stuff, the old stuff is always there for me!)

> Craig is one of the loveliest men I have ever had the good fortune to know
> and meet. Wish that my path would have led me to a place where meeting up
> with him and Segundo could have been a, oh I dunno, bi-monthly thing. Miss
> you, Craig!

Can only co-sign this. Alas, Los Angeles is damnably far away from anywhere that I ever am.

> Joti was a very extrovert Australian with a huge like of the fairer sex.
> No idea what became of him afterwards.

Ah, so the anti-'roo! big grin

> It really was. Brought back some old and good memories, too. I should let
> Nate know that I still have the Lava-Man shirt I wore for the First
> Filmtracks Gathering so that he and Brendan would recognize Jens and me at
> the Minneapolis airport... I wonder what might have become of our Captain
> Hook, as I've been unable to contact him by eMail for years; I hope he is
> as well as he can be.

Hook posted here as recently as 2018, surprisingly. Not very much though. Always fun to see one of the "old timers" make a cameo appearance.

> ...and, of course, you, Edmund. When we met during my bicycle trips both
> times were actually among the highlights of the trips. Good music
> recommendations, too, on both the film music and classical side of things.
> Best Wang-man a Lava-man could ask for! devilish

Good times, both times. Hope we can make it happen soon, although that might require me to get off this sodden emerald isle. indifferent

> So much for tonight. Thanks for compiling and commenting this, it actually
> added a little bounce to my step today! smile

Well, if it did that, then it was a worthwhile endeavor. cool

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