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Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Generations of the Scoreboard
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• Posted by: Brendan Anderson   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, November 12, 2021, at 4:24 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Gen... (Edmund Meinerts)

> I had a bit of free time this evening,

A bit? big grin

> taken across all three generations of the Board, over twenty years
> of film score fandom history, who has made the most posts?

*Looks around nervously* indifferent

> I haven't included the numbers from the current iteration, which after all
> aren't too significant yet, and sadly the true first generation of the
> Scoreboard from 1998-2000 has been lost to the sands of time

Hmmmm, yes...and we shall never speak of those lost years again...

> 1. Christian Kühn: 12,168 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
> 2. Craig Richard Lysy: 11,349 (2nd, 3rd)
> 3. PT (Peter, Mankind): 10,774 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
> 4. Edmund Meinerts oh : 8,016 (2nd, 3rd)
> 5. AhN (Replaced by Lorne Balfe, Richard Smugley): 7,816
> (2nd, 3rd)
> 6. Riley KZ (KZ): 7,532 (2nd, 3rd)
> 7. Brendan Anderson: 7,248 (1st, 2nd, occasional visits
> to 3rd)

Well kids, that's what posting upwards of 20 times per day back in the early 2000's will get you. tongue I would also venture to guess that at least 30% of those posts are arguments about Elliot Goldenthal. big grin

> - Gratuliere, Kühni, du bist offiziell der verrückteste von uns allen. big grin
> Kühni is the only poster to reach over 2,000 posts in all three iterations
> of the Board, though he's not top 3 in any of them. A true Filmtracks
> institution at this point, the place would not be the same without you! smile

Hear hear! A true portrait of German efficiency, consistency and quality post-engineering. He's not just a man, he's finely-tuned Scoreboard posting machine, and likely could also win the award for most in-person Scoreboard meetups of all time. Congratulations my lava-infused friend!

> - I have no clue who Joti is,

Or what a Joti is. big grin

Joti was a great guy - I remember chatting with him on ICQ (Oooohhh boy) and asking how tomorrow was going. Australians are definitely good for something!

> - Despite being top 3 in the first generation, Jens seemed to vanish
> almost immediately once the second was launched,

Jens has the unique ability to one day decide something isn't worth his time and simply remove it from his life without a second thought. tongue But it is a shame he didn't continue to pop in...his perspective is almost always hilarious (or borderline neurotic in an 'um...are you okay?' way). He's probably still the most shocking in-person Scoreboarder meet-up I've ever had, in a good way (except for the snoring which gave me permanent PTSD). The man never runs out of energy (or Jerry Goldsmith action music to share). If you miss him, he's still on Twitter (i.e. the worst place in the world).

> - 12 of the top 20 are still reasonably active, including all of the top 6!

I needed to reply to this so we can say it's 7...

For some reason (okay, I know the reason - it's because I've been watching Squid Game and it's causing me to think about death way too often) this has made me wonder what kind of endgame Christian has set up for when he either 1) gets fed up and sells/closes the site or 2) becomes somehow unable to run the site.

Has he set up some kind of failsafe if he doesn't log into the server for more than 60 days or something? Some kind of 'Operation Cinder' style plan to blow this place up? Has he named Jon Broxton his website-next-of-kin? Will the Scoreboard archives be exposed to Google's robot crawlers so that searches of our names will suddenly produce thousands of posts worth of potentially embarrassing content? ( indifferent *nervous laughter* indifferent )

In conclusion, this is a pretty meaningless first contribution to the next generation of Scoreboard on my I'm pretty much on track with the last 20 years...

-Brendan, on the board

p.s. if anyone cares, I think this was likely my best attempt at constructive content, circa 2005:

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