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Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three Generations of the Scoreboard
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• Posted by: Christian Kühn
• Date: Saturday, November 13, 2021, at 8:43 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Stats Sidebar: Top 20 Posters across Three... (Brendan Anderson)
• Now Playing: Star Wars - A New Hope (1997 RCA release, *****)

Yoooooooooooooooo Brendan! smile big grin

Good to know that you're still checking in on us...and this place's pulse...or something.

> Well kids, that's what posting upwards of 20 times per day back in the
> early 2000's will get you. tongue I would also venture to guess that at least
> 30% of those posts are arguments about Elliot Goldenthal. big grin

Our heyday was also so heyday-y because of the time difference. I was up and posting six hours before you guys began, so it was a somewhat around-the-clock extravaganza of (s)henanigans. I'd say that by early 2002, the Goldenthal discussions had been firmly supplanted by LotR.

> Hear hear! A true portrait of German efficiency, consistency and quality
> post-engineering.

*blushes in places I didn't know it was possible to blush*

My parents will be happy to hear that (they say "Hi", too). Of course, it all depends on how you define any of these terms. And I sometimes do wish my brain was better at remembering the things pertinent to functioning in daily life and my trade that all these ScoreBoard and Gathering anecdotes from twenty years ago! big grin

> He's not just a man, he's finely-tuned Scoreboard
> posting machine, and likely could also win the award for most in-person
> Scoreboard meetups of all time. Congratulations my lava-infused friend!

This is actually something I thought about yesterday. If I add the persons (all of this is pretty much pre-social media times, mind) that I talked with on the phone...

...John Williams is planning to come to Milan in Italy next June. I daresay that dratted pandemic will have subsided enough by then that to undertake a Filmtracks Gathering might not be too inconceivable...?

> Jens has the unique ability to one day decide something isn't worth his
> time and simply remove it from his life without a second thought. tongue

Bwahahahaha. This is simply about the most spot-on description I've ever read of the guy.

> But it is a shame he didn't continue to pop in...his perspective is almost
> always hilarious (or borderline neurotic in an 'um...are you okay?' way).

Just re-read Tex's Gathering Reports from 2002...especially that episode that took you to Cleveland in the middle of the night in order to drop off Jens at the train station.

> Has he set up some kind of failsafe if he doesn't log into the server for
> more than 60 days or something? Some kind of 'Operation Cinder' style plan
> to blow this place up? Has he named Jon Broxton his website-next-of-kin?
> Will the Scoreboard archives be exposed to Google's robot crawlers so that
> searches of our names will suddenly produce thousands of posts worth of
> potentially embarrassing content? ( indifferent *nervous laughter* indifferent )

Yeah, that. On my end, it was interesting to follow the progress I made with my English. Perhaps posting so much on here actually played a role in my going to Canada for my grad studies...and the prospect of meeting more ScoreBoarders. Although I continue to be bummed that I managed to leave Germany just before Jenna and you came over for a visit. frown My parents still talk about it fondly, so... smile

> In conclusion, this is a pretty meaningless first contribution to the next
> generation of Scoreboard on my I'm pretty much on track with the
> last 20 years...

You, unlike me, have a proper family, a proper job and a proper life. All we at Filmtracks needed to do is to see you off to a good start and get you to a point where you'd be self-sufficient...or something. Worked with Nate, too. big grin

> p.s. if anyone cares, I think this was likely my best attempt at
> constructive content, circa 2005:

I remember that, too. And I'm not going to look up my take on that. tongue

Have a good weekend!

CK, happy to have Brendan as a friend

Best Part of the Best Track of my Now Playing

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