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SolarisLem to the Rescue
Profile Image
• Posted by: SolarisLem
• Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2021, at 5:09 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Hans Zimmer just isn't doing it for me (Espacio3)

> First of all, a reminder: I am NoFap.

> I've been blasting the Hans Zimmer power classics for 4 months, slowly
> ramping up to 2 hours per day. My sex drive isn't high or low but I've
> been having some dick trouble. I'm good to go when it's hard but if my
> girl doesn't constantly stimulate me, my dick checks out after like 30
> seconds. Then I need a minute or two to get things rolling again.
> Suggestions?

Most of the complaints I hear from friends about penis issues boil down to "I can get hard but I can't maintain the erection long enough to cum and then I lose it". Well it's pretty simple: Your stamina sucks. Stamina is not high Testosterone or Zimmer music or whatever you are doing, that's libido. Stamina is your body's ability to continue to operate and perform actions under strain and cardiovascular stress. In other words: fuck endlessly.

If you sit there listening to Hans Zimmer all the time and you aren't doing a lot of cardio to at least keep your stamina level in line with your increased aggresiveness, things are going to start to fail and your penis is not the body's first priority unfortunately. Moving nutrients around, oxygenating your blood and removing waste from the body take priority over the penis staying hard long enough for you to 1) satisfy your girl/boy or 2) achieve an orgasm with a raging hard cock and not making the object of your affection look like they just got out of the swimming pool because of all the sweat you poured on them.

So here is the prescription for a penis that isn't cooperating: CARDIO!

I guarantee, absent some totally fucked up systemic issue like Post Fin Syndrome, neurosis, shingles, death grip issues, whatever Carter Burwell has, etc, anyone that is having issues keeping an erection during sex can cure this with this one simple fix Doctors Don't Want You To Know and that is to get on the damn treadmill or the elliptical or the stair climber or the bike and do LISS for 30-45 minutes every day. You don't have to die while doing this type of cardio: shoot for a HR of between 120-140 BPM and hold it there for the prescribed time. I like to do my LISS either early in the am or after I lift weights because I get more fat burning benefits. You can do it while listening to the Zimmer stuff too.

We can talk about DNH and Test/E2 ratios and all sorts of other issues that may or may not be causing your penis to ignore your wishes but two consecutive days of LISS cardio will cure well over half of the Filmtracks Scoreboard community's dick problems. You have to keep at it but why wouldn't you when you can put your dick issues in the past and not embarrass yourself and your partners, especially if its being filmed.

This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by SolarisLem, a middle aged guy with an insane libido, a wife with an insane libido and a substitute woman who requires and deserves a good long pounding at least twice weekly. Being my age, I have had times in my life where my penis is unacceptably uncooperative and every single time, I have been ignoring my cardio and I have cured it stat. It was never because of Hans Zimmer I guarantee you.

To put things in some perspective, I've been fornicating competitively since I was 17 and for the vast majority of my life I put in hours and hours of hard HIIT style cardio every week, week after week, year after year. HIIT is not the same for dick health. HIIT is exhausting and not helpful to recovery if you are lifting too. LISS is the penis cure and I have learned to incorporate it into my routine. It's boring yes, but it's so much better knowing that when you have that gorgeous girl spread out in front of you waiting for you to fuck her silly, you don't have to worry about your sad dick bailing on you.

TLDR: LISS cardio every day!

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