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Spiderman: No Way Home - Ranting on the score
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• Posted by: Sivakumark52   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Monday, December 20, 2021, at 11:17 a.m.
• IP Address:
• Now Playing: Animal Cracker - Bear McCreary


I know that most of you guys in the community were not fond of Giacchino getting most of the MCU assignments and I get where it all comes from, but I would have blindly chosen this guy when there is an movie this unique comes along especially considering his knack for incorporating existing thematic material, and boy did he disappoint me big time.

To give background, my attention towards movie scores started with Elfman's Spider-Man movies when I was first awed by them in theatres, and secondly I really loved Horner's take on the franchise. I really liked the Homecoming scores and maybe the very few who loved the Vulture theme but he left me dumbstruck with the 100th theme for Ironman when Brian Tyler has already provided one of the best themes of the decade (that is for another day).

Though I was not so much fond of his score for Far from Home, he really nailed it with the Mysterio Theme, one of the very few multi-faceted themes that we can rarely get these days. So, obviously I was hyped to hear what he had in store for us in the third iteration.

So let me begin from saying that the score in itself is below average for me. Had I not watched the movie, it might have worked for me better I suppose but it is not the main purpose of a movie score! Before I get on with it, again SPOILER ALERT!

I liked how the way movie started with Mysterios theme revealing the identity of Spider-Man. Not sure what the music followed when he was in his school, I would have preferred something emotional, though the scene had some comedy for which there should have spotted the score out.

The Green Goblin theme is virtually non-existent, and so are Sandman's theme (which I didn't expect much considering his role), Electro's theme might have been buried under the sound mixing and it is not included in the album correct me if I am wrong.

Now to the track where the introduce Otto, this is where my argument starts. Instead of famous 8-note theme for the arms which definitely would have perfectly suited the scene, we get a late lazy reference of the 'doc ock is born' theme. The ominous music took me out of the scene and I couldn't enjoy the visuals which were pretty good.

And the most infuriating thing was the place where he decided to use the old Spider-Men Theme, completely took me out of the scene, I wish it was not scored at all.

And why he did not complete Strange's theme his best work in MCU and left it dangling without ending it and this would have made the cue 'Sling vs Bling' a terrific action cue.

At last the two new themes one for the villians felt like a temp track of the emperor's theme and the emotional cue had similar notes to Nova's theme from War for Planet of the Apes.

I wish he never adapted them in the first place, maybe he does justice only if it scored by Williams.

This is my first piece writing something extensive here, so please forgive my grammar and also I am made some error in the references as I wrote about them based on how much little I know about music.

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