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Re: Terminator: Genisys [EDITED]
• Posted by: ArborArcanist   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 6:02 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Terminator: Genisys (AhN)
Message Edited: Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 6:03 p.m.

> I remember Balfe picking up several nominations from CC in 2015, including
> for Gynyses, and thinking that was the start of Balfe's career upswing.


> There's something amusing about the sentence 'The nominations for
> Morricone (another nostalgic choice) and Lorne Balfe represent each
> composers' first such recognitions at Filmtracks in this category.'

> Anyway, Clem *really* liked Ginysys and Home compared to...well, just
> about everyone else here. I think the first solo project of his I really
> liked was Lego Batman, followed by a lengthy stretch that's been hit or
> miss for me. I'm somewhat with Edmund in that the 'Lorneissance' is
> overblown, though his 2021 was pretty strong. Part of it is that the mixed
> bag has never been as polarized as it's felt, part of it is I'm very be
> pedantic about how 'Renaissance' means 'rebirth' and that suggests that
> it's Balfe's second peak when it's unclear there was a first. (Unless you
> want to count his late 2000s/early 2010s run as one of Zimmer's go-to
> assistants, which...yeah fair that's a solid run.)

Hm, I haven’t heard Lego Batman yet. As I said below, I definitely subscribe to the early peak, rapid fall (early to mid 2010s), return to grace (circa 2018), sequence for Balfe- and now find him (mostly) on the same guilty pleasure range as say, Holkenborg or Jackman, albeit below Djawadi, Walfisch, or the Zimmer-Mazzarro collaborations. Previously I avoided his scores like the plague, so in my book that’s a definitive improvement.

> Anyway, maybe I should relisten to Gynisys now that Clem's finally
> reviewed it. I also meant to check out Dark Fate again after Incredible
> Holk reviewed it (I think it had the highest average rating across his
> different rating systems?). Then again I never listened to the Beltrami or
> Elfman ones. Maybe a whole Terminator series binge is in order!

> ...that doesn't actually sound that fun though.

…I actually like most of them. Fiedel’s are far too brutal for my tastes, but Beltrami’s highlights were great, Elfman’s was one of my favourite blockbuster scores of his from his angsty era, and Holk’s has long been one of my favourite works (if not my absolute favourite) of his career.

Edit: how could I forget McCreary’s excellent contributions to the TV series the Sarah Connor Chronicles!

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