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Re: I Lost a Bet, Review #5 (The FINALE!!): El Tiempo Entre Costuras
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• Posted by: Riley KZ
• Date: Monday, March 21, 2022, at 5:07 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: I Lost a Bet, Review #5 (The FINALE!!): El Tie... (AhN)

> El Tiempo Entre Costuras (The Time in Between), Cesar Benito,
> 2013

> This is a Spanish TV series set in the 30s during the Spanish Civil War. A
> tale of romance and tragedy and intrigue. Broxton described it in his
> review as 'absolutely of the best scores for television
> you are ever likely to here [sic].' The score netted Benito two IFMCA
> nominations, for TV Score (lost to fellow Spanish epic Isabel) and
> Breakthrough Composer (lost to Laurent Eyquem). Considering how little
> we've discussed either of those composers since then, perhaps the real
> breakthrough composer that year was fellow nominee Steven Price. And they
> say winning an Oscar does nothing for your career anymore! At least his
> career... still exists? (Thoughts and prayers for Ludovic Bource)

> Also, I think it's safe to say someone could have started listening
> exclusively to Spanish film and tv music about 15 years ago, with
> occasional check ins on hollywood scores from their favorite Spanish
> composers who broke into the mainstream, and they'd be a happy,
> well-adjusted film score fan. It's a deep and diverse enough field that
> you really could make your whole hobby out of it.

> I shouldn't get sidetracked on this the way I have on previous reviews.
> This score is seriously so good. It's got a fleet of great themes, most of
> which are piano driven. And it's an emotional roller coaster. There's some
> high-quality suspense writing in between some gorgeous passages, and when
> the duduks come out when the characters reach Morocco...I don't mind too
> much. It's good! There are some cues that seem to channel Philip Glass at
> his most emotional, so it's pretty clear why Riley loves this one.

> Also, random thing, the piano at the start of 'Al Borde del Abismo' sounds
> vaguely like the start of Linkin Park's 'What I've Done.' Unless I'm
> hallucinating? Always possible.

Never made that connection but yknow, I’m gonna give it to ya, can definitely hear where you’re going.

> So the only reason I saved this one for last was because I just went
> through the list Riley sent me in order. It's a complete coincidence that
> this is the one he said 'I can at least almost for sure guarantee you'll
> like it,' which is almost a ringing endorsement. Slightly more ringing:
> 'Still so mad I didn't put this in my best of the decade, really thought
> it was a 2000s score for some reason.' Which is understandable, Riley must
> have been shocked to find something so good wasn't from the 2000s. Maybe
> it's saying something that my favorite of the bunch was from the 2010s? Am
> I a 2010s kid when it comes to film scores? *shrug* whatever. This score
> is awesome, it seems to have slipped under the radar in our year-end poll.
> Though I guess that was over 8 years ago and people weren't on the
> streaming train as much and less likely to roll the dice on a random
> Spanish TV score (I don't even think Isabel had been released yet at that
> point).

😆 of course we HAD to look at it from a 2000s vs 2010s standpoint. I always mix it up because it was an illegal download from me by software that I don’t even think exists anymore, so I always assumed it was way back in my piratey university days as opposed to apparently 3 years afterward.

But super glad you dug it bud! Honestly keep at it, gets better with every listen. So much depth there. And THAT PIANO OMG

> Anyway, I still did very little analysis on this score lol. But there's
> just a lot to take in. Big emotions, big range, great orchestral writing.
> What more could you ask for? Other than for it to be the high note I close
> this series out on. Which it is. 4/5 (I'm very tempted to give it 5 but I
> just don't know for sure yet)

Beauty way to finish!

Title of your sex tape.

> So to recap, if I were to rank these scores,
> 1. El Tiempo Entre Costuras (The Time in Between)
> 2. The Time Machine
> 3. K-PAX
> 4. American Outlaws
> 5. Rabbit Proof Fence

Well….yeah, actually, that’s about what I pictured, although the experimental weirdness of Rabbit was something I thought you would appreciate more (on that note, I rewatched Sicario. last night for the first time since it came out, and I have no fucking clue how you could dislike Rabbit but like Sicario.)

> Thanks Riley for sharing these with me, it's been a fun trip. And thanks
> to Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, and Johnny Klimek for making me lose that
> bet in the first place.

T’was an awesome journey my man. Now I wanna find something new to bet on! Had lots of runner up choices I wanted to inflict on you but also would enjoy returning the favour. Hmmm…

I bet if there’s another Matrix film, it will be scored exclusively by a slide whistle!

Ahh, too soon.

Well, let’s think of something pop culture to bet on, dammit.

> Rad-swaggity

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