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Re: Monday Movie Post: Favorite Prequel Series
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• Posted by: Roman   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 7:15 a.m.
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• In Response to: Re: Monday Movie Post: Favorite Prequel Series (Steven P.)
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> I've only seen a handful of episodes of the animated shows, and didn't
> care for them. I like the prequels just fine having not seen the animated
> shows. I think the reappraisal comes more from how Disney really botched
> the sequel trilogy. If they announced an animated show about those
> characters, would anyone really care?

The animated series has some extremely wonderful highs and some pretty sad lows. There are recommended viewing lists out there to get you to the good stuff. In all honesty they actually gave Padme much more of a character in the series, and that helps build the relationship with Anakin in a stronger way. It ends up giving "Revenge of the Sith" much more of an impact. I also feel they build the relationship between the Jedi and the clones in a really interesting way, so that when Order 66 goes down, that sense of betrayal is much stronger.

As I said, it feels like some of the heavy lifting for the emotional power behind the core story comes out in the series and feels like an outline or skeleton in the films. I know several folks who have come around to the prequels because the series gave them the emotional beats they were missing. And folks who grew up with the series really don't separate it at all from the films. For them it is all one continuous massive story. To them the watching the films out of context just seems odd.

I think you do make a good point. The dumpster fire that was the sequel series has put the prequels in a better light. I do know a lot of old curmudgeons who sneered and jeered at the prequels, who now say "Well, it could have been a lot worse. Look at "Rise of Skywalker" or "The Last Jedi". And that allowed them to drop some of that baggage they've been carrying since they watched the Red Letter Media dissection and all the internet hate that rained down. They seem them in a better light as flawed but serviceable.

I struggle, because I can't call them "good". They are too flawed for that. But I appreciate what Lucas was trying to do. I admire some of his choices. But other ones like Jar Jar, killing off Darth Maul and even starting with Anakin as a child just feel like he was not challenged by other folks around him to say, "Hold on a sec George, is this really going to help the film or the trilogy?" He had a lot of Yes Men around him during those films, and I think it ended up making the prequels stumble to the finish line.

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