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Re: Well....Top Gun Maverick is out.
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• Posted by: Riley KZ
• Date: Friday, May 27, 2022, at 10:07 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Well....Top Gun Maverick is out. (AhN)

> Don't care, keep taking those takes.

>'s Top Gun? Did you expect a lot of score? They've gotta sell you on
> the Gaga song being the new Take My Breath Away and the song by *checks
> notes* OneRepublic??? as the new Danger Zone. While ALSO including Danger
> Zone.

I did, yeah. Every blockbuster is over 2 hours now and considering Zimmer is as big a name for scoring that you can get, I definitely expected a lot more music. Hell, even WItH the songs the thing is barely 45 mins! Quite surprising.

> Haven't heard yet because I keep playing that Obi-Wan Kenobi theme
> instead.

Yeah o saw your link there, but I’m waiting to hear it in the full score I think.

> Ignoring your total dick (the obvious jokes are left as an exercise for
> the reader to come up with), I'm still shocked you had enough expectations
> to be disappointed.

> 'I would also use that phrase 'I guess I expected more' to describe the
> shit-tastic movie that everyone loves for some inexplicable reason. Just
> about the dopiest, dullest flick to ever be so widely adored. Theme is
> great, rest...meh.' - Riley Webster, June 5, 2020, about Top Gun.

Go figure you’d deep dive ways to point out my inconsistencies again hahaha.

Ok so here’s the explanation - my biggest gripe with Zimmer is that he takes himself way too seriously lately. I miss the fun power anthem Zimmer of old, and when even James Bond couldn’t make him leave his brooding Uber-serious Batman side, I figured that part of him was gone forever…

….except, TOP GUN?! Like I said in that old thread you posted, the movie is so silly and trivial and goofy that I expected the movie to be similar (looks like that was incorrect too) and so therefore I thought this would be Power Anthem Zimmer again, using the cheesy original theme and taking it sailing, like a slightly brawnier version of Mancina’s Planes.

….but the album we got was just, wow. So much meh. One really fun track utilizing the theme in a new way, and the rest was anonymous and surprisingly subdued underscore. Hell there wasn’t even much action music, which REALlY surprised me (also was writing drunk while listening to it so it’s possible I’m wrong and missed something, but I dunno…)

> Anyway, here's a neat article on all the cooks in the kitchen that is this
> soundtrack:

Interesting. Also, damn.

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