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         1. Dune (2021)
        2. Spider-Man
       3. Alice in Wonderland
      4. Encanto
     5. Batman
    6. Wonder Woman 1984
   7. No Time to Die
  8. Ghostbusters: Afterlife
 9. Murder on the Orient Express
10. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
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Re: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #95 - 81
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• Posted by: JBlough   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, May 27, 2022, at 10:36 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #95 - 81 (Riley KZ)

> #95 - The Way Back by Rob Simonsen

> For all the (misguided in my opinion) praise he got for Ghostbusters

Afterlife is still the only Simonsen score I've heard, unless we're counting all those Danna scores he did additional music for. Perhaps something to fix this or next year.

> #94 - Changing Lanes by David Arnold

Haven't heard this one, despite my rampant Arnold fandom.

> #93 - The Star Wars Disney Trilogy by John Williams

Definitely cheating, but hey, it's your list.

I do feel your pain on differentiating though. Phantom Menace, Rise of Skywalker, and Last Jedi are #113-115 on my rankings (Force Awakens is decidedly superior in my book).

> #92 - The 25th Hour by Terence Blanchard

Haven't heard most of Blanchard's work (shame on me). Love the film though.

> #91 - The Departed by Howard Shore

Very good album.

> #90 - Minority Report by John Williams

I've always liked this score in parts but struggled to appreciate it as a whole. The recent expansion didn't alter that opinion.

I'm with this website on at least one thing - the music really isn't all that Herrmann-esque.

> #89 - Real Steel by Danny Elfman

Top 10 Elfman fore sure.

> #88 - Eragon by Patrick Doyle

A bit too homogeneous to be a classic for me (I'm slightly more partial to the more varied Last Legion), but it's still a tremendously entertaining work.

> #87 - Departures by Joe Hisaishi

This is a little too sparse of an album at times to be an outright classic, but it has some tremendous highs. I'd argue the score might be best experienced in the suite from Melodyphony.

> #85 - Brokeback Mountain by Gustavo Santaolalla

I've become a bit more tolerant of 'simple music' since 2005 - and I've never actually heard the score standalone - but I can't see myself ever rating it this highly.

> #84 - Van Helsing by Alan Silvestri

Pretty much all that's keeping me from rating it this highly is the absence of a strong hero theme (at least on album). The score does focus on action and monsters - though thankfully those moments are excellent.

I did a Silvestri rundown last year and my wife was struck by how impressively loud parts of this score were.

> #83 - Spider-Man 1 and 2 by Danny Elfman, Amazing Spider-Man by James Horner, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Hans Zimmer

THIS is definitely cheating.

In 1-2 months I'm probably gonna listen to ASM2 for the first time. Ohhhhhh boy.

> #82 - Gone In 60 Seconds by Trevor Rabin

> itís not just industrial techno-noise like some critics complained at the time (youíre still wrong Jon!!!)

I had to check if I actually used any of those words - but then I realized that was probably meant for Mr. Broxton.

> #81 - Carol by Carter Burwell

One of those Burwell scores that definitely aided its film but left me cold on album. I wish I were more sophisticated enough to explain why.

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