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Re: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #95 - 81
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• Posted by: Soundtracker94
• Date: Friday, May 27, 2022, at 5:12 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #95 - 81 (Riley KZ)

> And here we go with more of this stuff cause it's Friday dammit, let's

The Riley doth protest too much!


> --------

> #93 - The Star Wars Disney Trilogy by John Williams

> Totally cheating by combining all of these suckers (and itís gonna happen
> more often soon), yet I think this is one that wonít get many complaints,
> because reallyÖ.how DOES one rank these three scores differently?


1. Force Awakens
2. The Last Jedi
3. Rise of Skywalker

Or in other words release order. Same goes for the films, funnily enough.

> #91 - The Departed by Howard Shore

Need to give Shore's score another shot as I honestly don't remember much about it in the (rather great) film. I think the songs just overshadowed it for me.

> #90 - Minority Report by John Williams

Same as the above... minus the bit about the songs. tongue

> #88 - Eragon by Patrick Doyle

> Havenít seen the flick so not sure if thereís some major music
> missing, but I love the CD the way it is, and goddamn, that THEME, that
> awesome and memorable main theme. So good.

I have seen the film and own the collectors edition DVD (mainly for the bonus features), but don't remember right off hand if any major moments are missing from the album. Also... need to revisit the album. Remember it being great music to a really poor flick, especially for a major studio release.

> #87 - Departures by Joe Hisaishi

Full transparency: I haven't explored Hisaishi's work outside of anime. Will definitely give this a listen sometime, though. Thanks for bringing it up! smile

> #86 - The Incredible Hulk by Craig Armstrong

It's really great, though my initial experience with it way back when was far more lukewarm. Thankfully warmed up to it over time.

> #84 - Van Helsing by Alan Silvestri

Ah ha! Hear it is. Glad this made your Top 100 as it's really quite fantastic. Would love to get a complete/remastered edition that includes some of the softer cues (which also adds some more depth to the themes).

> #83 - Spider-Man 1 and 2 by Danny Elfman, Amazing Spider-Man by James
> Horner, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Hans Zimmer

What a tangled web we weave.... wink

Elfman's 2nd and Horner's would be my picks. Not that big on Zimmer's effort even now and Elfman's initial outing is a little too haphazard for me. Still good, but I prefer the more melodramatic and refined sound of 2.

> ---------

> Coming up: More Rabin, more Horner's, finally a Goldsmith, a Spanish TV
> score, and several that absolutely no one talks about which really bums me
> out.

Always look forward to these, even if (or maybe especially when) I disagree. smile wink


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