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Re: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #95 - 81
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• Posted by: Riley KZ
• Date: Sunday, May 29, 2022, at 7:55 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #95 - 81 (Olivia D.)

> My only problem is with The Last Jedi and that's because John kinda
> spoiled me with all the great new themes that I was really disappointed
> that he only had ONE strong new theme, but I blame that on Rian Johnson
> although it has some really poignant statements of the brother/sister that
> saves it. However The Rise of Skywalker I love, I thought in Return of the
> Jedi that John gave a great musical send-off to Star Wars, but then he did
> it again, When he he stated the main title theme in the end credits I
> couldn't help but cry at him musically saying goodbye to a franchise he's
> been doing for more than half his life, its such a pity Abrams butchered
> it to pieces in the final cut because the greatest composer alive deserves
> more than that.

Everyone deserves more than RotS :P

> Bought this from a thrift store a while back, still haven't listened to it
> because of all the scores on Youtube I've been plowing through, though now
> you've made me want to give it a listen.


> Its definitely my second favourite from Armstrong after Me Before You,
> adore the love theme and that he brings Joe Harnell's 'Lonely Man Theme'
> back when pretty much any other composer wouldn't have shows that he was
> the best pick for it and that it was also the first intelligent superhero
> score since The Last Stand and way better than Elfman's Hulk score.

Well I will admit Elfman's Hulk was on my top 200 before some new ones booted it just below, really dig that one and it's awesome descending motif.

> Just another great example of why I love Alan Silvestri in Action mode,
> after Jerry Goldsmith he is probably the second best action music composer
> I've heard.

> Horner's score is my favourite suprehero score period. Really emotional
> and I love the music for when Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy's father dies, some
> the most touching and poignant music James ever wrote and 'Rooftop Kiss'
> is sooo beautiful, just (for me) the best superhero score ever and Zimmer
> and team's one has grown on me too! Really love the love theme in that one
> and I also never really liked Giacchino's scores either, they are way too
> upbeat and I like my Spider-Man scores to be darkly romantic and Zimmer's
> one is. Without a doubt Pemberton's one is the worst, though.

Yeah, agreed. Rooftop Kiss is just the kind of pretty, emotional love music you don't hear much anymore. Give James a piano and he could wither the hardest soul.

> Definitely one of Carter's most beautiful scores along with Mildred
> Pierce.

Huh, y'know....I haven't heard that one :/

> Yay, Goldsmith at last.

Two upcoming actually!

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