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Re: Potential score disappointments for the rest of 2022
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• Posted by: Bernhard H. Heidkamp   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at 7:09 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Potential score disappointments for the rest o... (Steven P.)

> With most people here finding the score for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series
> being a massive disappointment, possibly the biggest since The Matrix
> Rejected, it has me wondering about some of the other anticipated scores
> for the remainder of the year. For me, there are a few scores for the
> second half of the year I'm eager to hear based on my love for the
> previous score(s) in the series:

> The Rings of Power (Middle Earth prequel series)

I am lowering my expectations so much. Considering that we still don't know whether the show intends to be connected to the movies or not, I don't know if I really WANT Shore to begin with. Obviously amazon doesn't have the rights for anything WB and New Line did, so we will already have differences, but they still could do their best to connect it without risking legal issues. If they do this, I'd want Shore and his themes.

But I do not believe that they will even be allowed to use his themes then, if they can's visually pull from Jackson.

So, the wet dream of actual Shore prequel scores set aside, all I want is an engaging fantasy score that doesn't feel like someone just used a Two Steps From Hell album as a temp track, so we end up with a bunch of RC-trailer music stuff. We have 6 Howard Shore middle earth scores, now show me what other composers would do in there.

> Willow (Disney+ sequel series)

That's my biggest one. Obviously I'm a JNH fanboy and him doing a fantasy series for such an old-fashioned setting feels like a dream come true, even it weren't tied to a film I already love.

I love the WILLOW themes more than I love the full scores (which I still love) so I want JNH renditions of them. But I'll be honest...if this becomes a DARK CRYSTAL situation where Pemberton only used like 2 token references and then did his own thing, but that own thing was THAT amazing, I am sure I will love a great JNH score without Horner stuff in there as well.

So that is my actual concern. Please be a great JNH fantasy score. An old fashioned 2000s one. As much as I like his HUNTSMAN scores, those feel a bit too modern for what I want. I want more MALEFICENT than HUNTSMAN but even if it's just a more fleshed-out HUNTSMAN I will probably like it.

Just don't be anonymous. I still have to return to JUNGLE CRUISE because that first listen let me kinda cold. So please don't be that.

> Avatar: The Way of Water

I'm not overly attached to the themes, so that is not an issue for me (still would love the continuity)

What I loved about the first AVATAR scores was how colorful it was. Was it kind of a best-of Horner scores? Yeah sure, but a good one at that. I loved the musical world it created and getting lost in it. And now we will be going under water, a setting that will ALWAYS win me over?

Yeah, so give me a colorful underwater sci-fi adventure score. Though et's be honest, if you just put an ungodly amount of glassy percussive stuff in there ("Swimming" from WATERWORLD, "The Hidden World" from HTTYD3 and the stuff from ATLANTIS and ABZ█ for example) and I will love it anyway

> Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

I don't have many stakes in that one. Liked how respectful G÷rransson seemed to tacke the musical culture (at least to my uninformed western ears) so just continue that. Don't just put some drumming in there you found in your "generic world music (bleugh) library" to make it seem "african" (yikes) and we're set

> My questions for the community:

> 1. Which one of these do you think has the biggest chance of being a major
> disappointment?

LOTR. The ice is so fucking thin

> 2. Which one would hurt the most if it ends up being disappointing?


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