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Re: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #20 - 11 Plus Bonus Pick
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• Posted by: Riley KZ
• Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at 3:58 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Top 200 Scores of the Century - #20 - 11 P... (AhN)

> This is at least 150 spots too low, but I'm glad you caught your
> oversight.

It probably would’ve gone higher if I hadn’t just heard it that day haha.

> Yup.

> Damn, I need to relisten apparently.

> I mean, these all seem like very easy things to determine if you wanted to
> lol.

It wasn’t though! Well, ok, I basically spent five mins on Google and Wikipedia. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if none of it is original score but because I love it so much I kinda prefer ignorance.

> Okay but I have to ask since it was the 2000s: How stoned were you?

Actually wasn’t at all! It came out a year before I ever smoked or drank. I mean, don’t get me wrong, when it came out on dvd and blu ray I never watched it sober again 😝

> Yeah it's good.

> One of these days I'll actually dig into more 2000s Powell. Maybe I'll
> skip this one to antagonize you wink

You would, too. And then you’d create a troll account called Gigli Lover just to mess with me even more.

> Kidding, I'd only joke about it for a little too long before relenting. Or
> I just lose another bet.

What was our last one? I think it was that Beck won’t return to Ant Man 3, even though he probably will….I just wanted to play that game with ya again haha, looked forward to all of those reviews.

> Lucky you, I took an eternity to follow through on said bet, so this is
> still somewhat timely.

> Oh dang, what prompted that? Hearing it in the film or just a blind buy?

It was back in the day where I just started getting into film music and would listen to samples on Amazon to find more stuff like the ones I already liked. Still have never seen the movie.

I also think it was because I knew Badelt from a Christian movie called Extreme Days that had one of my fave score cues ever on the album (cause yeah….back in the grade 5-8 years of my life, I also collected Christian rock music. Was a very different time).

> What's great is that 'wonderful and gorgeous' is exactly the kind of thing
> Horner would want to hear about his music, while 'exciting and balls deep
> awesome' is exactly what Cameron would want to hear.

Ha! True.

> The problem is it's not all of those other scores he's emulating, and it's
> not as good.

> A ding and a half, but I've complained about it recently so I'll back off
> haha

Poo on you. Poo I say!

> Let's see, HTTYD for sure, and I'm going to guess LOTR since no one got
> mad that you ranked them too low yet.


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