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The Ents are marching! Will you join them?
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Saturday, July 30, 2022, at 12:06 p.m.
• IP Address:
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Hey, Filmtracks - The public campaign to save our Seattle-area forest is shifting into a new phase. Now is another great opportunity for you to support us and lobby our local government to stop the clear-cutters threatening our forest and worsening climate change for everyone.

As part of the permitting process, the clear-cutters were asked by our county to abandon their plans to remove additional trees from our forest after they already wiped out most of their own forest without the proper permit. They countered, "We will use our discretion moving forward with development of that area to maximize our property rights." Then they doubled down on their original plans in a permit resubmission to the county.

For those of you who commented that the clear-cutters are selfish, entitled, and evil, you might have your confirmation there. The fact that such actions may not be legal don't seem to be influencing these people, either. If anything, the resistance has emboldened them. One of their children even mocked on video a sign about climate change that we had placed along the front of our property.

The legal case to stop the clear-cutters is stuck in the courts. Both a former Washington appellate commissioner and the writer of the state's Common Law guidance on property boundaries have advised our counsel that we will likely prevail eventually in the full appeal process, however. If we somehow lose this case on the existence of the easement being used to justify the clearing, we can file a suit to severely limit the clear-cutters' tree removal in that easement. (County road and vegetation preservation laws appear to favor us here, too.) This could be in court for years.

At this point, the County is considering how to respond to the permit resubmittal, taking into account environmental impacts and the legal aspects. They may or may not wait for the courts to sort this out. The community is still lobbying them to force the clear-cutters to replant a buffer all around their destroyed forest, and we're pushing to save the trees on our property from additional clearing.

A significant number of neighbors and others in the community have already contacted the County in our favor, and several of you have done so as well. Stella and I are extremely appreciative of the support, and since the County is now considering the clear-cutters' defiant resubmission, we're asking for your help again.

Please send an email to and and say, "I want to be an interested party on permit 20-04869" along with your feedback about climate change, forest restoration, wildlife impacts, or any other part of this that interests you. Most of the feedback so far has asked the County to force more replanting of trees and not remove additional trees in our forest. The clear-cutters have already complained to the County about the feedback from Filmtracks readers, so we know it's being heard.

If you're tired of the weird weather we're having right now, this is your chance to have a small role in fighting back. It just takes a single email.

More information and updates are located at the community's campaign website at and our GoFundMe site at If you missed the prior threads about this campaign at Filmtracks (the ones that apparently riled the clear-cutters), you can find them at and

Meanwhile, Stella and I continue our efforts to restore the forest on our neighboring property. We've lost some trees next to the prior clear-cut, and conditions along that side of the parcel are much worse than before the neighboring devastation. We're having to water hundreds of young trees throughout the acreage to keep them going through the heat waves that are becoming more common in the Seattle area.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to saving our forest and lobbied our county to stop the clear-cutters. We have to keep the pressure up!


A small forest near Seattle needs our help

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