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Re: Jerry Goldsmith Started Recording Star Trek Nemesis 20 Years Ago Today
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• Posted by: Solaris   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Saturday, August 13, 2022, at 3:44 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Jerry Goldsmith Started Recording Star Trek Ne... (Olivia D.)

> Twenty years ago today, Jerry Goldsmith started recording what would be
> his last Star Trek score and the last score he completed on his own as
> Looney Tunes: Back in Action required assistance from John Debney and
> Cameron Patrick. Now some like Nemesis like me and some don't like CC, I
> have always found it to be a fitting farewell to Jerry and his farewell to
> the franchise that gave him so much work and us some of his finest scores.

> Star Trek Nemesis would be his darkest and yet most poignant score for the
> franchise, requiring a theme for the villain Shinzon that emphasized the
> duality of the nobility and evil within him and I think Jerry succeeded in
> capturing that, his theme for Shinzon goes from a grungy, almost
> completely synthetic statement at the beginning in 'Remus' to a majestic,
> tear-jerking finale in 'A New Ending' in which Jerry seems to be saying
> goodbye to Star Trek himself.

> He also wound up using his Star Trek theme more in this score than he did
> in his previous two scores, including a short and beautiful statement of
> it for the Enterprise-E in drydock at the end of the film, effectively
> bookending his usage of the theme which first appeared for the reveal of
> the original Enterprise in drydock in The Motion Picture.

> Yes, I will admit some of the action music outside of the latter half 'The
> Mirror' and 'Final Flight' seems be a little slow, the mixing by Bruce
> Botnick is not as wet and deep as his previous two Star Trek scores and
> the lack of a theme for the Remans outside of a reoccurring four note
> percussion motif that appears during 'Let's Go to Work' and 'Lateral Run'
> for the Viceroy's invasion of the Enterprise and his fight with Riker, but
> for me the highs outweigh the lows, his treatment of Picard's conversation
> with Shinzon in 'Ideals' with a beautiful statement of Shinzon's theme,
> the dark, creepy, mostly synthetic reveal of Shinzon in 'The Knife',
> Picard's ramming of Shinzon's ship in 'Engage', the tear-jerking aftermath
> of Data's death in 'A New Friend' where Jerry uses the four note
> friendship/quest theme for its saddest statement and the slow sad use of
> his Star Trek theme and the tragic statement of Shinzon's in 'A New
> Ending' gets me every time.

> So what do you like about Jerry Goldsmith's last solo score ever and the
> end of his career in the Final Frontier.

This *is* my least favourite of Goldsmiths' five Trek-Scores, but that's really tough competition, since each of these works is excellent, while "Nemesis" is 'just' very good. Always liked it, but it has grown in my apprechiation even more in the last couple of years thanks to the surprising amount of thematic development thorough the entire Score. This is most certainly *not* a Monothematic-Score: There are two clearly distinguishable Themes for Shinzon, two secondary motifs (I guess to represent the Viceroy and the Romulans, respectively) a motif for Data/B4, a heroic fanfare (first heard in 'The Scorpion' but several times during the final battle) in addition to the Enterprise-Theme and the Starfleet-Motif from TMP and the four-note Friendship-Motif from TFF. And the Action-Music in the final third ('The Mirror' onwards) is bloody fantastic.

Btw, the Movie has really grown on me, as flawed as it is, especially since "Picard" had left me comparatively cold so far. Its a good movie, but the deleted Scenes suggest that a better one was left on the cutting room floor. Like with "The Final Frontier", I'm still pining for an extended Cut. Especially the ending would really benefit from that.

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