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            Most Recent Post: Monday, July 31, 2006, at 2:41 p.m.

Location: New Jersey

Some Personal Stuff: I was born the Day after Christmas, and I bleed Blue

Favorite Speeches: see >

Favorite Poem: Prufrock Among the Women

Favorite Books: Stranger in a Strange Land, Brave New World, 1984, The Demolished Man, Darkness at Noon, Truman By McCullough, Chesapeake by Michner and...

Favorite TV Shows: Quantum Leap, NOW (with Bill Moyers), Seinfeld (Because of George), Aqua Teen Hunger Force (because everyone like Shakes and South Jersey ), and...

Favorite Movies: To Kill A Mockingbird, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Rocky 1, Field of Dreams, Glory, (Apollo 13), Braveheart, Return of the King, Conan the Barbarian (because of the great use of a score in the movie) and...

Movies I Don't Like: The Hudsucker Proxy, musicals, and other senseless non-humorous comedies....

Books I Couldn't Finish: On the Road, ...

Scores I like: Well... all of them I guess, but especially Conan the Barbarian and...

Scores I dislike: I'm finding it harder and harder to dislike a score. Addicts tend to like everything. Everything. Give me some more, well, except for Bladerunner, Babylon V: Vol 2, and ...

Favorite Composer: James Horner, Basil Poledouris, and Miklos Rozsa. I also like the J's, Williams and (Goldsmith), and .... Ah, I might as well make a composer database list like eveyone else.


Soundtrack List:

Coming Soon (2007):

HTWWW (3/17), Mario Nascimbene Anthology (3/18), Return to Peyton Place (3/26), A Walk With Love And Death (3/26), Time After Time (4/2), The Karate Kid box-set (4/3), 84 Charing Cross Road (4/3), The Secret of Roan Inish (4/6), Fahrenheit 451 Compilation: Mc Neeley (4/7), Adventures in Hollyood Compilation: Tiomkin, Salter, et. (4/7), Star Trek: TMP, 20th Anniv. (4/7), Johnny Guitar (4/7), Gattaca (4/7), Shakespeare in Love (4/7), Love Labour's Lost (4/7), The Contender/ (4/7), Notes on a Scandal (4/12), The New World (4/12), Rocky II (4/12), The Four Feathers (4/14), Cobert: The Night Stalker and Other Classic Thrillers (4/14), Jurassic Park (4/16), Lion in Winter (4/21), Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid**(4/23), Lonesome Dove** (4/23), Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (4/24), Moonfleet (4/24), Red Dawn (4/26), East of Eden (4/26), Holly vs. Hollywood (4/26), Water: Danna (4/29), The Carl Stalling Project: Music from WB Cartoons (4/29), The Music Behind the Magic: The Little Mermaid (4/29), The Hanging Garden (4/29), Classic Films Scores: Bogart films(4/29), Young Lions/This Earth is Mine (4/29), Between Heaven and Hell/ Soilder of Fortune (4/29), Young Bess (Promethues) (4/29), All the Brothers Were Valiant (Prometheus) (4/29), The Alamo: Tiomkin (4/29), The Flim-Flam Man/ A Girl Named Sooner (4/29), The Man from Uncle (2cd) (4/29); The Best of Everything (4/29), Quentin Durward (4/29), Green Mansions (4/29), The Thing from Another World (4/29), Valley of the Kings (5/4), Blizzard (5/17), Rozsa: A Centenary Celebration (5/17),...[prex](6/3) September Dawn (6/5), Spellbound (6/7), Tribute to A Bad Man (6/15), Blood on the Sun (6/15), ....

Akira (11/18), Black Hawk Down (11/18), In Love and War(11/18), My Dog Skip(11/18), Age of Empire III(11/18), Radio(11/18), The Robe(11/18), (The Alamo)(11/18), Life is Beautiful (11/18), The Great Escape (11/18), Alexander (11/18), The Mummy Returns (11/18), Shaft (11/18), The Passion (11/18), Saving Private Ryan (11/18), Stepmom (11/18), Beloved Infidel (11/20), Stud's Loligan (11/18), Gloria (11/18), Atlantis (11/21),

Double Indemnity/Killers/LostWeekend, Lonesome Dove, Mr. Holland's Opus, Classic Film Scores of Waxman, Classic Film Scores - Bette Davis, Classic Film Scores -Steiner, The Prince and the Pauper (VS) Compilaion, Music from Alfred Hitchcock films,

The Bad and the Beautiful, Story of 3 Loves, All the Brothers Were Valiant, Judgement at Nuremberg, Jesus of Nazareth, Film Scores of Miklos Rozsa,

Sodom and Gommorah (2 cd), CELEBRATING THE CLASSICS, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, Miklós Rózsa: String Quartets 1 & 2 / Rhapsody for Cello & Piano, ... The Long Riders, Mr. Holland's Opus, Maya/Horror Rhapsody, Elizabeth and Esssex Classic Scores compilation, Waxman Legendary Hollywood Vol 4, Beauty and the Beast, Valiant, Film Themes of Maurice Jarre,


Home Alone II (OST), The Natural, Brazil, Betty Blue, Castlevania (game score), Bernard Herrmann Anthology, Vol. 3: The Inquirer, Fantasy Film World of Herrmann, The Prodigal, Guide to the Unmarried Man, How to Marry a Millionare, Un Esercito Di 5 Uomini/Extrasensorial, Providence, For Whom the Bell Tows, Scent of a Woman, Shawshank Redemption, Shine, Silence of the Lambs, ...

Arabain Knight, Greeen Fire/B.Junction, Adventures of Conan, Equus, Farnon Film Music (Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N., etc.), Truiph of the Spririt, Day of the Dolphin, Bernard Herrmann- The Film Scores (Salonen), Sodom & Gomorrah (citadel), Ben Hur (Rhino), Concerto Macabre: The Bernard Hermann Collection, Samson And Delilah/The Quiet Man, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (2 cd), Spirit of St Louis, Lady in Water, All the Kings Men, Inchon, Pick up Artist/Sherlock Holmes, Rozsa: Film Music for paino Vol II, David and Barhsheaba, Birdman Of Alcatraz, Seven Cities Of Gold / Rains Of Ranchipur, Waxman: A Centenary Celebration (Sunset Blvd/Rebecca/), Guns For San Sebastian, The Last Express,


Other stuff: Sneakers, Gremlins, Hooisers, Lust for Life, The Lost Weekend, The Good German, Wuthering Heights Newman compilation, Beyond Borders, Chinatown, Summer and Smoke, ...


A Double Life (classical- Rozsa) The Bride (Jarre) Cult Files (Silva comp.) The Last Vikings/Dawn of Man Knights of the Round Table, Rozsa at MGM, The Power, Ivanhoe...

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence- John Williams ****-
Alamo, The - Dimitri Tiomkin 1960 ****-
Aleksandr Nevsky - Sergei Prokofiev 1938 ****
Alienł - Elliot Goldenthal ***1/2- (?) 1992
Amanda - Basil Poledouris 1996 ***1/2
American Beauty - Thomas Newman 1999
American Tail, An - James Horner 1986 ***1/2-
American Tail: F Goes West - James Horner 1991 ****-- (?)
Amerika - Basil Poledouris 1987 ****-
Anna And The King George Fenton 1999 ****-
Another 48 Hrs. - James Horner 1990: songs * score **+
Apollo 13 (OST) - James Horner 1995 *****
Arnold: Great Music - Various 1993
As Good As It Gets - Hans Zimmer 1998 songs ** score ***+

Back To The Future - Alan Silvestri 1985 ***+ Balto - James Horner 1995 ****+ Bandolero! - Jerry Goldsmith 1968 ***-(-) or **1/2 Batman Danny Elfman, 1989 Battle Beyond The Stars James Horner1980 **** Beautiful Mind, A James Horner2001 **** Ben-Hur: The Essen. Miklos Rozsa (bc) Miklós Rózsa, 2000 Beyond Borders James Horner2003 **** Beyond Rangoon Hans Zimmer 1995 ***1/2+? Bicentennial Man James Horner1999 **** (remove) Blade Runner Vangelis 1982 **(remove) Blue Max, The Jerry Goldsmith1966 ***1/2? Bobby Jones, Stroke Of Genius James Horner2004 ***(1/2)? Born On The Fourth Of July John Williams1989 ****+ Brainstorm James Horner1983 ***1/2 (remove) Braveheart James Horner1995 ***** Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo, Il Ennio Morricone, 1966 C'era Una Volta Il West Ennio Morricone, 1968 Candyman 1/2- Philip Glass, 1992 *** Cape Fear Bernard Herrmann, 1991 ***-- Capricorn One/ Outland 1978,81 Jerry Goldsmith Casper James Horner1995 ***1/2? Chariots Of Fire Vangelis P.1981 ***1/2+ Cherry 2000 Basil Poledouris1987 ****- Claim, The Michael Nyman2000 ****1/2 (?) Cocoon: The Return James Horner1988 *** Commando James Horner1985 ***1/2+ (?) Conan The Barbarian Basil Poledouris 1982 ***** Courage Under Fire James Horner1996 ***+ (remove) Crimson Tide Hans Zimmer1995 ***+ (?) Dad James Horner1989 ***1/2? Dances With Wolves John Barry1990 ** (?) Deep Impact James Horner1998 ****-- Devil's Advocate, The James N. Howard, 1997 **** Devil's Own, The James Horner1997 *** ˝+ (?) Die Another Day- David Arnold, 2002 Dragonheart Randy Edelman1996 ***+ (?) Driving Miss Daisy Hans Zimmer, 1989 ***- E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial John Williams, 1982 **** Edward Scissorhands Danny Elfman 1990 ****+? El Cid- Miklós Rózsa, 1961 ****1/2 Elephant Man, The- John Morris, 1980 ***- Empire Of The Sun John Williams 1987 Enemy At The Gates James Horner 2001 Est - Ouest Patrick Doyle 1999 ***+? Eve's Bayou Terence Blanchard 1997 ***1/2 Far And Away John Williams ****+ Field Of Dreams James Horner 1989 ***1/2++ Final Conflict, The Jerry Goldsmith 1981 **** Final Conflict, The Jerry Goldsmith1981 ****- Final Fantasy: TSW Elliot Goldenthal, 2001 ***1/2 (?) Finding Neverland- Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, 2004 ****- First Knight Jerry Goldsmith, 1995 ****-? Flesh+Blood Basil Poledouris1985 ****+ (?) (remove) Forgotten, The James Horner 2004 ***- Forrest Gump, Alan Silvestri 1994 ***(?) Four Feathers, The James Horner 2002 ****-(?) Fury, The John Williams 1978 Gladiator Hans Zimmer2000 Glory James Horner1989 ***** Godfather: Part II, The Nino Rota, 1974 **** Godfather: Part III, The Carmine Coppola, 1990 ** (?) Gorky Park James Horner 1983 ****-? Greatest Story Ever Told, The Alfred Newman 1965 Greatest Themes …Arnold, Various 2000 Green Mile, The Thomas Newman 1999 ***- Hamlet Patrick Doyle1996 Heaven Help Us James Horner 1985 ****- Home Alone John Williams 1990 ****+ House Of Sand And Fog James Horner 2003 Humanoids From The Deep James Horner 1980 ** Hunt For Red October, The- Complete Basil Poledouris 1990 ****+ Incognito John Ottman 1997 ***- Independence Day David Arnold 1996 ****- It's My Party Basil Poledouris 1996 **** JFK John Williams 1991 ***1/2+ (?) Julius Caesar (FSM) Miklós Rózsa 1953 ****+ Jumanji James Horner1995 ***-- (?) Jurassic Park John Williams 1993 Krull James Horner 1983 ***1/2 Last Of The Mohicans, The Trevor Jones, 1992 ****1/2 Last Temptation Of Christ, The Peter Gabriel 1988 *** Legends Of The Fall James Horner 1994 **** (replace) Lionheart Jerry Goldsmith 1987 Little Women Thomas Newman 1994 ***- Lolita Ennio Morricone 1997 ***+? Lord Of The Rings, The Leonard Rosenman 1978 Lord Of The Rings: FOTR, Howard Shore 2001 **** Lord Of The Rings: ROTK, Howard Shore 2003 ***** Lord Of The Rings: TTT, Howard Shore 2002 ***** Lost World: Jurassic Park, The John Williams 1997 ***- Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing Alfred Newman, 1955 Man Called Peter, A Alfred Newman1955 ****+ Marie Ward Elmer Bernstein 1985 ***+ Mask Of Zorro, The James Horner 1998 Matrix Revolutions, The Don Davis 2003 ****1/2 (?) Mercenaries: POD- Giacchino/Tilton, 2004 Mighty Joe Young, James Horner 1998 Misérables, Les Basil Poledouris 1998 ***1/2- /(?) Missing, The James Horner 2003 **** Mission, The Ennio Morricone 1986 ****-- Missouri Breaks, The John Williams 1976 ***+ Mussolini: The Untold Story, Laurence Rosenthal 1985

Name Der Rose, Der James Horner 1986 ***+ Needful Things Patrick Doyle ****- No Man's Land Basil Poledouris 1987 ** O Brother, Where Art Thou?- (Various Songs), 2000 ***1/2 O Pioneers!- Bruce Broughton, 1991 Omen, The Jerry Goldsmith 1976 **** Omen, The - The Essen. Goldsmith, Jerry Goldsmith 1998 **** Once Upon A Forest James Horner1993 ***1/2 or**** Oscar And Lucinda Thomas Newman 1997 Out Of Africa John Barry 1985 ***-- Pagemaster, The James Horner1994 *** Paramount Pictures 90th Anniv Mem Scores- Various, 2002 Passion Of The Christ, The John Debney 2004 Patriot Games James Horner 1992 ** Peacemaker, The Hans Zimmer, 1997 ***+ Perfect Storm, James Horner 2000 Pink Panther and Return of PP, The Henry Mancini 1963 Pirates- Philippe Sarde, 1986 Pocahontas Alan Menken 1995 **** Portrait Of A Lady, The Wojciech Kilar, 1996 Power Of One, The Hans Zimmer, 1992 ***1/2 or **** Presumed Innocent John Williams, 1990 ****+ Prince Of Foxes Alfred Newman, 1949 *** (1/2?) Project X James Horner 1987 ****- Pulp Fiction Various, 1994 songs + score ***+ Queimada (Burn) Ennio Morricone, 1969 Quigley Down Under, Basil Poledouris 1990 Raiders Of The Lost Ark John Williams 1981 Rambo III Jerry Goldsmith, 1988 ****-- Rambo: First Blood Part II Jerry Goldsmith, 1985 ****- Rambo: First Blood Jerry Goldsmith, 1982 ***+ (redo) Raven- Christopher Franke, 1992 Red Dawn Basil Poledouris, 1984 ***1/2 Requiem For A Dream Clint Mansell 2000 ***1/2+? Return To Paradise Mark Mancina, 1998 ***+ (1/2?) Rio Conchos/The Agony...Prologue, 1964/5 Goldsmith/North ***1/2 or **** Road To Perdition Thomas Newman, 2002 ****-- Rob Roy Carter Burwell, 1995 ***++ Robin Hood: POT Michael Kamen, 1991 *** (1/2?) Rock, The Hans Zimmer, 1996 *** Rocketeer, The James Horner, 1991 ***1/2- (redo) Rocky IV Vince DiCola, 1985 Romeo + Juliet Nellee Hooper, Craig Armstrong 1996 Rosenthal: Music For Television, Laurence Rosenthal 1995 Russia House, The Jerry Goldsmith, 1990 **1/2 or (redo) Schindler's List John Williams, 1993 Sci-Fi Silva Treasury SILVAD 3508 Various, 1998 Searching For BFischer James Horner, 1993 ***1/2 or ****- Sense And Sensibility Patrick Doyle, 1995 **** Sepolta Viva/ L'Anticristo, Ennio Morricone 1973,4 ****+ Seven Years In Tibet John Williams, 1997 ** (1/2?) Shawshank Redemption, The Thomas Newman, 1994 Sneakers James Horner, 1992 ****++ Snow Falling On Cedars James N. Howard, 1999 (replace) Snow Files, The Mark Snow, 1999 Spider-Man Danny Elfman 2002 ***1/2 or ****-- Spielberg/Williams Collaboration, John Williams, 1991 Spitfire Grill, The James Horner, 1996 Star Trek III: Search For Spock James Horner 1984 ***1/2+ Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country Cliff Eidelman 1991 Star Trek: Insurrection Jerry Goldsmith 1998 ***1/2+ Star Trek: Wrath Of Khan James Horner 1982 ***1/2- Star Wars: Phantom Menace John Williams 1999 Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, John Williams 1980 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi, John Williams 1983 Starship Troopers Basil Poledouris 1997 **** or ****1/2 Superman John Williams 1978 Thin Red Line, The Hans Zimmer 1998 Thunderheart James Horner 1992 ***- or **1/2 To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday James Horner 1996 ****- (redo) Total Recall Jerry Goldsmith 1990 ***+? Trois Couleurs: Bleu Zbigniew Preisner 1994 Troy, James Horner 2004 **** True Women- Bruce Broughton, 1997 Under Fire Jerry Goldsmith 1983 Unlawful Entry James Horner 1992 Untouchables, The Ennio Morricone Village, The James Newton Howard 2004 Violon Rouge, Le John Corigliano 1998 War, The Thomas Newman 1994 Warlock: The Armageddon Mark McKenzie 1993 We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story James Horner 1993 Story of Willow James Horner 1988 Wind Basil Poledouris 1992 Windtalkers James Horner 2002 Wo Hu Cang Long Tan Dun 2000

Old Arrivals: Quantum Leap TV soundtrack/Finding Nemo The Touch, Rozsa Private Files/Lydia... The Godfather, Looking for Richard, Jaws, Gettysburg, Secret of the Sahara, Kingdom of Heaven Silverado, Marco Polo Papillion, Ride With the Devil... Batman Begins, Making the Grade, Big, Conan (Charles Fox), Meeting Joe Black, Thief of Baghdad A Little Romance, Land before Time, Rozsa Compliation (Quo Vadis/M. Bovary/Ivanhoe/Plymouth Adventure) Cleopatra (North), Rozsa Choral Suites, Spellbound, Ben-Hur Whale for the Killing, Spartacus (Randy Miller), Plymouth Adventure, Legend of Zorro...Knight w/o Armour Piano Music, Alex the Great/Barrabas


And other (unrated) stuff I've heard

-Conan the Destroyer, Poleodouris - The Wind and The Lion - Honey I Shrunk the Kids - How the Grich Stole X-mas - The Land Before Time -Farewell to the King - The Dark Crystal - Amazons - Black Beauty - Film Music of Basil Poledouris (Vol. 1) - Young Sherlock Homes - Eye of the Needle - Reincarnation of Peter Proud Terminator, The Brad Fiedel 1984 **1/2 Islands in the Stream, Goldsmith *** or ***1/2? Godfather 3 Bandolero The Last Embrace Lonely Are the Brave True Confessions Fateless Troy: Yared Masada: Goldsmith Apollo 13 Expanded: Horner Quo Vadis: Rozsa Journey of Natty Gunn: Horner , House of Cards/I Love you to death: Horner Hocus Pocus: Debney Wolfen/Deadly Blessing: Horner Celtic Romance: Danna FFantasy/Nintendo Compilation The Ten Commandments: Bernstien Great Epoic Film Scores: Tiomkin/Rozsa Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Spellbound: Classic Film scores of Miklos Rozsa

Will hear soon:

Witches of Eastwick... (The Robe/Serial Mom/Towering Inferno/Fist Knight expanded/ The Mummy/ Starship Troopers Expanded/ Free Willy...)



Story of How the Addiction Began:

When I was younger, When asked the question, "What Do You listen to," I usually said, "whatever's playing." For the most part I liked whatever was playing. I guess I was waiting for a prophet to show me the musical way. Although I didn't listen to much music on my own, when I was younger, I did listen to the Rocky Movies over and over again. I knew all the dialogue and the music for the 5 movies, and This obsession with Rocky lead to me buying my first cd, Rocky 4, at the 30th Street Train Station, in Philadelphia. However, I didn't really know that this thing called film scores existed, until I met a guy, (the prophet), who was obssesed with the Conan as much as I was with Rocky. He just happened to own 3 film scores: Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, and Braveheart. After borrowing his Conan soundtrack, I was hooked. Later on I went to and brought my fist two film scores, Conan the Barbarain and Alexander Nevsky. I also picked up a copy of the Rocky 1 soundtrack at Circuit City. Shortly after this I discovered EBAY, Filmtracks, and the hidden world of film music. I found out who Basil Poledouris and James Horner were and thus my film score addiction had begun...

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