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    Joe Evans

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            Most Recent Post: Sunday, July 7, 2002, at 9:50 p.m.

Hi, I'm Joe. I don't know if you care at all, but I suppose someone cares a little if they're reading this, so....

I am in love with Danny Elfman's music. Maybe his current things aren't the greatest (compared to his former things), but I got started with his music, and I shall always remember him as my favorite composer.

Of course, I'm no fool. I don't listen to him only, obviously there is a lot of good music that Elfman didn't write. Here I shall list all my scores, with the composer, in order that I bought them, and tell my thoughts on them.

1. "Mars Attacks!" by Danny Elfman
The first score I ever got. I liked the music in the film. I found out in the store that the same guy did Men In Black, which I also liked.

2. "Music for a Darkened Theatre: Volume II" by Danny Elfman
I was reading about Elfman, and I decided to buy this to get a good scope of his music. It was wonderful. Lots of good music here.

3. "Edward Scissorhands" by Danny Elfman
I liked the clips in the above album so much, I decided to get the actual CD. It's definitely my favorite, and you definitely should hear it if you have not!

4. "Men in Black" by Danny Elfman
I enjoyed this score in the movie, so I bought the album. I mean, the score. The album was cheesy. The score was okay, but not worth the $18 I spent on it!

5. "Batman" by Danny Elfman
I liked this score since I was little. Very little. Back in 1990, I was 4 or 5. I didn't know it, of course. I just liked the "Batman music." You know, because it was Batman. But now I love it. The entire CD is wonderful, but too many good cues got left out! I demand a redo!

6. "Casper" by James Horner
The music was beautiful in the movie! Sadly, it was only beautiful in some parts on the CD. I like listening to it, but sometimes I fastfoward to the good parts, which don't last too long. A learning experience... "Read reviews carefully before buying a soundtrack!"

7. "Music for a Darkened Theatre: Volume I" by Danny Elfman
I saw this in a store and I couldn't believe them! I'm young, so I can't exactly order things off the internet. This is terrific, all kinds of good music. Batman, Beetlejuice, Tales from the Crypt... Tales from the Crypt was definitely my very first favorite piece of music. I've been improving the way I play it on the piano (by ear) since I was 5. So in a way, I've always loved Elfman's music.

8. "Hook" by John Williams
Read a nice review on this very site! I saw the movie! The music was somewhat memorable in the movie (especially Hook's theme!), but it was WONDERFUL on the CD. You should think about getting this album, it's worth the 10 bucks. Only 10 bucks, I know, what are they thinking?

9. "Schindler's List" by John Williams
Yes, I finally gave in to pressure from practicaly every department on this site, and bought the score to Academy Award winning Schindler's List. Oooooh... It was terrific! Tremendous! Wonderful! Splenderificous! I can't find a least favorite track. I can't find a favorite track! I like them all, even the songs. Besides, the songs are in Hebrew so it's kind of like another instrument. I definitely reccomend this to any fan of anybody who only likes that specific composer. It's a great CD. But Edward Scissorhands will remain my favorite forever, because nothing can beat The Grand Finale, not even one track on this wonderful score.

10. "Sleepy Hollow" by Danny Elfman
I suppose I felt a certain obligation, as an Elfman fan, to purchase this album. I have only listened to it once, so far, and I am very impressed. A lot of filler music, but the good parts are VERY GOOD! Wonderful, evil, creepy parts; wonderful, evil, scary, action parts; wonderful, dark, romantic parts... I'm glad I bought it. It's very dark, very gothic, I love it!

11. "Muppets From Space" by Jamishied Sharifi (and Rupert Gregson-Williams, who did only the bad guy themes)
I've never heard of either of these composers, and I didn't really notice the music too much in the movie, but there was a decent review about it on, so I figured "what the heck!" It's nice. Begins with a spacey, action kind of theme. My mom insists it sounds like Danny Elfman. All of the filler is funk and jazz, but thankfully no songs. It's nice music, it's just differen't than what I'm accostumed to. At the end are some really good tracks. The last couple are excellent, trust me.

Well, Hey, it's been well over a year since I've even seen this thing, and so by now I have no clue what order I bought them in, so I'll just list all my scores in alphabetical order and you can ask me yourself (see, there's my e-mail address above, or below, or someplace nearby).

Back to the Future Part II
Batman Returns
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Cruella's Favorite Villan Songs
Cutthroat Island
Dick Tracy
The Dig
Edward Scissorhands
Inspector Gadget (Promo)
Left Behind
Les Miserables
Mars Attacks!
The Mask
Men in Black
Muppet Treasure Island
Muppets from Space
Music for a Darkened Theater: Volume I
Music for a Darkened Theater: Volume II
The Music Man (it's the soundtrack from the movie, so it does count)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Patriot
The Red Violin
Schindler's List
Sleepy Hollow
Spy Kids
Star Wars: Episode I
Star Wars: The Ultimate Edition
Star Wars: Episode II
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Hurray for you, now you have a grand list to consult if you want to prove that I don't know what I'm talking about.

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