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    Yavar Moradi

            Messages Posted: 4408
            Most Recent Post: Tuesday, August 1, 2006, at 10:30 a.m.

JUST SO YOU KNOW...this profile is old. Reeeeeeeaaaally old. Except for this little bit you're reading right now, that I'm writing so that my email address is correct. I'm 18 years old now and reside in Los Angeles, California at the University of Southern California. Some time in the next year I will update my profile (I only updated it once before around when I turned 15...I've been here a while). I'm reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally busy right now, though. But it will be worth the wait, because when I make a new profile I will provide a PICTURE of myself.

And now back to your old scheduled program (my collection is about six times as big now):

Age: 15 Sex: Male

Location: Encinitas, California

Previously lived in Illinois and Georgia

Music besides film scores I like:
An 80s classic rock band called Kansas (Carry on my Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind, etc.) who should do a film score!
Contemporary Christian music (Steven Curtis Chapman, Nichole Nordeman, Margaret Becker)
some Oldies
some classical music (mainly Tchaikovsky)
Aaron Copland who did classical and some film scores as well
Scott Joplin when I'm in the mood

Age when I got into film scores: 12

What piqued my film score interest: My great-uncle was playing Last of the Mohicans in his car. I LOVED IT!!! I went around humming the darn thing over and over. I think I was still 11 at the time.

The first score I owned: Since I loved LotM so much, that same great uncle sent me Star Trek: First Contact for my birthday (I was a RABID ST fan before I came across the best novel ever written for television called Babylon 5).

The first score I bought for myself: Titanic. I hadn't heart Braveheart yet, so I wasn't already tired of bagpipes. I loved the music, and still do, just to a lesser extent. The movie wouldn't have been nearly as good without that score.

I'll go off on a short tangent now. Titanic wasn't the worst movie in the world. I know it's hard for some people to grasp. It wasn't the best movie either. Not even close. But it could have been. What was bad about the movie? Not much, really. Only the main characters. That's right. Jack and Rose, and the whole love story thing to get all of those hormone-pumped teenagers like me. Bleah.

Virtually everything else was great. I'm not a very emotional person, but I'll admit I cried for that movie. Not for Jack and Rose. No way. How could I cry for characters I didn't even believe in? No, I cried for the rest of the characters (played by great actors) mainly at the end when the ship in sinking, and you see how each character is dealing with their imminent death. The captain just loses it. The mother tells a bed time story to make her children sleep because she knows they have no hope of getting out (the third-class exits are still barred at this time). The old couple lie in bed together as water swirls around them. The ship's designer stares at the clock, crying silently. THESE are the characters I cried for. I don't see how people couldn't be moved by that part of the movie. The actor for Mr. Murdoch was also great. (Remember when he shoots the Irish guy in panic, and then, realizing what he's done, salutes and shoots himself?) How can people not be moved by the scenes of people slowly dying of hypothermia because none of the boats return until it's too late? Dang. That was a good movie. Parts of it were awesome. Other parts of it were a corny love story. Just because part of it is bad doesn't make the entire movie worthless.

Okay, end of rant.
Now, back to me.

Well, after Star Trek: First Contact, I wanted to get the rest of the Star Trek scores, which I did (except for Generations and Insurrection). Then, I got The Mask of Zorro, and then Superman, etc. etc.

The rest is history. I turned into a film score nut. I recently spent over 350 dollars in one week on 25 scores.

My favorite composers: James Horner, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Mark McKenzie, Miklós Rózsa, Trevor Jones, Basil Poledouris, Christopher Franke, Alfred Newman, Hans Zimmer, Randy Edelman, Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard, and Erich Korngold, to name a few

Other great composers (composed three or less great scores-to qualify for my "favorite composers" list, they have to have quality AND quantity): Cliff Eidelman, John Debney, David Arnold, and a whole slew of others!

Not-so-hot composers: Eric Serra (just on the basis of GoldenEye; haven't heard The Fifth Element yet), Evan H. Chen (Crusade), Leonard Rosenman (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; awesome movie with a crappy score), Alex North (he has some good material), Greame Revell (he also has some good material).

I know there are many composers not on my lists. If you really want to, you can e-mail me and tell me what I need to add. I'll either explain why they aren't mentioned or I'll add them.

Oh, about Chris Franke. I own 24 Babylon 5 CDs for two reasons: Babylon 5 is and always will be my favorite story of any genre (and it has good music), and one time I visited and the episodic soundtracks were 48% off, so I bought them all. They threw in the promo And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place for free (it hadn't been released normally yet-see the webmaster's article on the music of B5), I guess because I bought all of them. Below, I've listed the soundtracks in chronological order. I've rated them as music, so an average B5 soundtrack won't be getting that great a score, because most TV scores just aren't as good as film scores; the guy had to churn one out every week, for gosh sake! Every B5 soundtrack at least has some good part in it. Just wanted you to know I wasn't grading relatively.

Now, for a list of the scores I own. Not so big yet, but for a 15 year old without a job, I think it's enormous! I've sorted it by composer, and have ratings on a scale of 10. I make an exception for exceptional scores, however: They can receive a score of 10.5 or 11 out of ten. You should realize, though, that even though these are all the scores I actually OWN, I've heard a lot more.

My rating scale first:
11: Best of the Best-it's illegal for you to not have this score.
10.5: Truly Exceptional-one of the best scores out there; you need it.
10: Perfect-this is one great, awesome score, but there are lots of those, so you don't HAVE to buy it, but you'll love it if you do!
9.5: Virtually Perfect-doesn't have quite the power of a ten, but still great!
9: Flawless-very little, if anything, wrong about this score, but not one of the great masterpieces.
8.5: Virtually Flawless-a very few flaws detract from this score, but it's definitely a good one to get!
8: Great-a great score to get, but not essential by any means.
7.5: Very Good-good purchase, has some flaws.
7: Good-decent, worth your money, but it's not all great (you may be skipping several tracks).
6.5: Modest-not shameful, by any means: buy if it catches your interest.
6: Decent-same thing as modest, with less good material.
5.5: Fair-there's more good and entertaining material here than not.
5: Not Bad-it's halfway along the spectrum, maybe pretty avarage; if it has good material it's probably balances out with the bad material as well.
4.5: You May Like It-not something everyone should consider buying, but if it's something you want, you aren't a moron for getting it.
4: Serious Consideration-read reviews, listen to samples, and think about it before you spend your hard-earned money on this instead of something more worthy; more bad material than good here.
3.5: Has It's Moments-there is some good material here, but maybe you should download the few good tracks in MP3 format instead of spending money on it.
3: Has Few Moments-same as above, but less worthwhile.
2.5: Has a Couple of Moments-same as above, but less worthwhile.
2: If You Can't Live Without It-get it only to complete your collection (ie. Star Trek IV for Star Trek); may have some listenable material, but not much, and it probably didn't fit the film at all!
1.5: Gimme a Break!-you aren't actually considering buying this, are you?!!
1: You're Nuts!-you're gonna spend more than 10 bucks for a minute of halfway decent material?!!
0.5: Call 911!-you're gonna spend half a buck for this bargain bin item because it has five seconds of listenable music in it?!!
0: Utterly Worthless-NO ONE could see ANYTHING in this score, not even if they worshipped the composer for some reason!

John Barry
1. Dances With Wolves (9.5)
2. The High Road to China (9.5)

Bruce Broughton
3. Carried Away (6.5)
4. Infinity (6)
5. True Women (8.5)

John Cacavas
6. Behind the Scenes - suites and themes compilation promo ( )

Don Davis
7. Warriors of Virtue (9.5)

John Debney
8. CutThroat Island (11)

Frank DeVol
9. The Flight of the Phoenix (8)

Cliff Eidelman
10. Columbus: The Discovery (9)
11. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (10.5)

Christopher Franke
The below are all complete Babylon 5 episodic scores.
12. Chrysalis (6.5)
13. The Coming of Shadows (6.5)
14. The Fall of Night (6.5)
15. Severed Dreams (7)
16. A Late Delivery from Avalon (7)
17. Interludes and Examinations (7)
18. War Without End part 1 (7)
19. War Without End part 2 (7.5)
20. Walkabout (6)
21. And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place (8)
22. Shadow Dancing (7)
23. Z'ha'dum (8)
24. Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? (7)
25. Falling Towards Apotheosis (7)
26. The Long Night (6)
27. Into the Fire (6.5)
28. Lines of Communication (6.5)
29. No Surrender, No Retreat (6)
30. The Face of the Enemy (5.5)
31. Endgame (7)
32. The Ragged Edge (7.5)
33. Darkness Ascending (7)
34. Objects at Rest (8)
35. Sleeping in Light (10.5)

Jerry Goldsmith
36. Mulan - complete score promo (11)
37. A Patch of Blue (7.5)
38. Patton (9)
39. QB VII (9)
40. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (10)
41. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (9.5)
42. Star Trek VIII: First Contact (with Joel Goldsmith) (8.5)
43. Total Recall (7)

Bernard Herrmann
44. The Egyptian (with Alfred Newman) (8)

Lee Holdridge
45. The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue ( )

James Horner
46. Balto (9)
47. Krull - complete SuperTracks release (9)
48. The Land Before Time (11)
49. The Mask of Zorro (9.5)
50. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (9)
51. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (7)
52. Titanic / Back to Titanic (8)

Trevor Jones
53. Cleopatra (9)

Mark McKenzie
54. The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca (9)
55. DragonHeart: A New Beginning (7.5)

Alfred Newman
56. The Egyptian (with Bernard Herrmann) (8)
(My favorite score by him is Captain from Castile (11), but it hasn't had good release.)

Leonard Rosenman
57. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (2)

Laurence Rosenthal
58. Billy the Kid - Intrada promo (7)
59. Music for Television 2 CD promo compilation ( )

Miklós Rózsa
60. Ben-Hur - super deluxe 2 CD set (10.5)

61. Dune (9)

Franz Waxman
62. Prince Valiant (10)

David Whitaker
63. The Sword and the Sorcerer (8)

Alan Williams
64. Island of the Sharks (9)

John Williams
65. Raiders of the Lost Ark (10.5)
66. Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (8)
67. Superman - Rhino 2 CD (10.5)
68. The Towering Inferno (7)

Matt Uelman
69. Diablo II - game score; came with Diablo II Collector's Edition (7.5)

Hans Zimmer
70. The Lion King (pitiful 16 minutes Disney provided ) (10)

71. Sonic Images Prime Time TV compilation (5)
72. WarCraft: Orcs and Humans - game score included on game CD (6)
73. WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness / Beyond the Dark Portal - " " " " (6.5)

That's my collection of score CDs so far...

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