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  Alright, I HAVE to answer to this!  
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• Posted by Mac Styran
• Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004, at 3:31 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: I have reported as a VIOLATOR OF DECENCY to the FCC and ICRA (Stanley Peck)

You have a sad, sad job, man.

All that discussion material you mentioned ... I must have missed all those threads.
And I'm here for a couple of years.

And stuff like "Gambling" ... "Injury to FANTASY characters" ... "Obscured or implied sexual acts" ... "PASSIONATE KISSING" ... hello? Do you even BREATHE?

People HAVE SEX, you know?

It's good to protect children, no doubt.

Protect them from being hurt, protect them from becoming criminals, protect them from any damage, physically or psychically ...

BUT you can't keep them away from REALITY.

Apart from the laughable fact that you can't even see any graphic images on this site ... IT DOESN'T HURT CHILDREN TO KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS STUFF.

Do you REALLY think that YOUNG KIDS come to this board and engulf all the posts?
For a kid, these boards are damn BORING.
(Besides: as I said, I don't know what you are talking about!)

> Publishing of:

> Material that might be perceived as setting a bad example for young
> children

Big deal. Your president and your government themselves are a bad example for young children.

> Material that might disturb young children

I'm more disturbed about the fact that you want to keep children away from real life, so they grow up as intimidated, prejudiced purists with a moral understanding of extreme Amish people. (Not that I have anything against Amish ... each one his/her own.)

> Material that might be perceived as destructive to moral integrity

Of whom?
My morals are fine, thank you. I'm an atheist with A LOT of good INTERNATIONAL friends and no crime record. I help others where I can, I'm kind to animals and even served for my country for a couple of years.

Your turn.

> Material that might be deemed as dangerous to the security of the United States

Yeah, right. We are all terrorist that like to join in this forum to talk about boobies and dicks and whatnot.

Dangerous to the security of the US ... pal, your country already HAS enough problems, why make up new ones?

> The above indecency meets FCC guidelines as "language or material
> that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as
> measured by contemporary community Internet standards for the public
> access medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities."
> is especially indecent in areas of language and sexual
> content.

"Especially"? So ... where else??

> must immediately register for an ICRA rating of
> "Restricted - Adult" or face possible fines or closure by the
> FCC. The label is easy to obtain, and is the right and moral action to
> take.

A "restricted-adult" site for music.

I can't believe it.

> Stanley Peck, Concerned Citizen
Mobile, Alabama

You live in a mobile home in Alabama?

Jesus, they don't pay much, do they?

Oh, was that cursing?


P.S.: My RED signature does NOT imply communism. Hey, I KNOW you thought that, don't deny it!

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