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• Posted by Jorge N˙˝ez
• Date: Friday, July 7, 2006, at 8:46 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: This week's public thank you: John Powell (Smalltown_Poets)

> The Phoenix theme in "Phoenix Rises" has given me inspiration and hope this > week. Thank you, John Powell. it is.

Maybe the theme was good (I can┤t remember it from the film), but the movie itself was sooooooo bad (big deception after X-Men 2, that is my favourite) that if Phoenis┤s theme is any good, the film is OVERscored.

[Spoilers ahead]
Phoenix does nothing in the whole picture but desintegrating Xavier, some soldiers and keeping next to Magneto without moving a single finger.

Let┤s be serious: a theme that had "desintegration music" (a little chaotic string writing?), and ten other semi-menacing notes (5 for each one of her personalities: the tender one , the dangerous one) would have been more than enough.

I still don┤t know if I┤m kidding or not.

[Spoiler finished]

I┤ll have to agree that Powell is a pretty decent composer, sometimes.
And if gets you inspiration and hope, kudos to him.

Wish he wasn┤t given such lousy films.

> NP: X-Men: The Last Stand

An excesive score

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