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• Posted by Brendan Anderson
• Date: Friday, July 7, 2006, at 12:10 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Superman Returns (a.k.a., Ottman Arrives) (Cap Stewart)

Disagree. I enjoyed seeing the film, yes, but it had more holes and problems than you could shake a stick at.

> I enjoyed almost
> everything about the film—except for the unexplained motivations and
> inexplicable occurrences that detracted from the intended thrills of the
> third act.

*some spoilers ahead*

It had problems before the third act. The characters of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent were virtually shafted from having any meaningful screen time or development. Luthor's plot to create this magical land of crystals managed to make preparations for keeping Superman away, yes, but what about the rest of the world and its arsenal? I'm betting a big ol' A-bomb would tear a nice hole through whatever crystal world Lex had for himself. And another thing - why does Lex Luthor only listen to the most mundane of classical music? If he's supposed to be a criminal mastermind, couldn't he find something a little more interesting than the Four Seasons?

Almost every scene in the movie had some kind of problem or oversight or continuity problem or ridiculous aspect.

Why would Luthor fly his helicopter onto his new crystal continent, but not have enough fuel to get anywhere after leaving? And for that matter, how did he get to some tropical desert island when he was just a little bit ago off the coast of the north-eastern seaboard?

Why are they treating Superman with a ventilator bag when it's obvious from his travels through water and space he doesn't breathe oxygen?

Why wouldn't Superman suspect Luthor to have kryptonite when there is a scene earlier in the movie when Clark Kent hears about the meteorite exhibit theft? For that matter, why doesn't Superman realize the crystal continent is made of Kryptonite as soon as he gets there?

How come after pushing the kryptonite continent into space Superman falls back to earth? He's obviously escaped the gravitational pull of the earth if the continent can just float away, yet he then falls to earth?

The list can go was a good attempt at a fun Superman movie, but issues abound.

> For me, the greatest thrills were provided by Ottman’s masterful
> integration of new and used material. The music is absolutely astounding!

The Williams material is astounding...the Ottman material has none of the same structure, phrasing or development and it ends up sounding like two separate and mis-matched scores competing with one another throughout the film. Not only that, but many of the quotes of Williams material is altered to be harmonicly watered down. This score doesn't do it for me.

-Brendan - super-stooge extrodinare

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