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  Re: I was praising the score, not the film...  
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• Posted by Jorge Núņez
• Date: Saturday, July 8, 2006, at 1:14 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: I was praising the score, not the film... (Smalltown_Poets)

> I could discuss the film, but... it's not really worth the effort. Suffice
> to say, I liked it more than you did, but it did have many problems.

Well, to be sincere, while I was at cinema I was pretty entertained. Itīs only when the final confrontation arrived that I felt a pretty like "Is this all"? And considering it during the End credits, I came to the conclussion that the Phoenix character was almost unnecessary for the film.

> I think Phoenix alone should have been the main focus of one film and the
> "cure" the focus of another. Cramming them both together
> shortchanged them both. As did the sub-par script. If they make another,
> my pick would be Joss Whedon for writer/director:

When I read X-Men (in a far far away galaxy, loooooooong time ago), the writer was Chris Claremont and he was pretty good. I liked how he killed some of the characters. I liked it less when the characters were resurrected, cloned or recovered their mutant habilities.


Good one. I didnīt know Logan came from a rich family. And when I stopped reading them (1991), there was some kind of plot were it was guessed that Nightcrawler and Mistique were relatives, or something. But the plots started to contine in different superheroes issues and I was unable to follow that soap opera. I think I left it in the "Inferno" cross-over. There was Magik, Cyclopīs baby.....good olī times.

> Btw, his first "Astonishing X-Men" story is where the
> "cure" plot from the film originally came from.

Itīs curious, but I think that when I saw the film, I recognized "Leeches". Wasnīt him one of The Morlocks? Him and another kid who was drawed without nose (Mutant power: not smelling at all?)

> I hope you're kidding. Wanting the Phoenix music to be less awesome
> is blasphemous and will not be tolerated.


I know, I know... It was only a sugerence to make the music fit the film better

> I've never been the biggest Powell fan but I'll give him props when I
> think they're due. Actually, there's only two scores of his I really love.
> This one and Endurance.

I love Endurance. The orchestration on "The final Race" is superb. I really like "Chasing the bull". I have little else by him (but for the ones with Harry G-W), but I have listened to some tracks of his "Gigli" score, and though I canīt comment on the whole score, these tracks are relly good.

> Since around 90% of films are lousy, most composers usually get lousy
> films.

Yep. Curiously, I like the scores of films Iīve never seen, and will never see. The films I usually like, donīt have enough budget to have a great score. The scores I like, usually accompany films that I donīt care of.

> If "excesive" means awesome, I agree.

I thought I meant "excesive".
At least was not so excesive when I listened to it in the film. It became excesive when I thought of the film itself. The "Much ado about nothing" sensation, I mean.

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