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  Mini report on Trevor Jonesīconcert in Madrid  
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Jorge Núņez

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Yavar Moradi
  Mini report on Trevor Jonesīconcert in Madrid   Saturday, July 8, 2006 (4:51 a.m.) 

All right. I have little complaints about this concert.

Maybe if I had to say a single thing I didnīt like, it would be something as stupid as that the parts of the program that included more than one theme of the same score, I would have loved to play altogether, in “suite” form. They chose to play them separately anyway, and it sounded great.

It was like a classical concert, because people waited till the end of the whole score to clap. At least this was so until they performed “Fort Battle” from The last of the Mohicans. It was such a brilliant performance of that theme, that although there was still one theme left from that score (Top of the World), people couldnīt help standing up, clapping and cheering the performance. Kudos to all of them. Though Iīm not particularly keen on Fort Battle I have to admit that it was a great performance, energic, rithmic and vibrant.

Trevor Jones (not surprisingly) is taller than me.
He conducted pretty well, though I was told that the rehearsals with the orchestra were performed by Geoff Alexander, so kudos to him as well.
What surprised me is that they used a synth (connected to a computer) something Iīm not used to with an orchestra.
There were also a female chorus of about 20 persons and also a soprano solist for The Mighty. And one of the women of the chorus did a really nice solist performance in other of the pieces of the 2nd part, though I canīt recall which one.
It was the Simphonic Orchestra of Radio Television Espaņola and part of its chorus.

The pieces they played were:


Cliffhanger (only one theme that I think it was the Main Titles)
Merlin (Several themes, though I canīt dissociate which ones. I think they chose little bits of each track, though Iīm not sure)
For Roseanna (several pieces as well. Wish they had included track number 4th and its variations. Iīd like to write the title of that track, but the guy to whom I borrowed the booklets to get them signed forgot to give them back to me and I forgot to ask for them. I want my booklets back!!!! )
Aegis (I didnīt know this one)
The last Place on Earth (I didnīt know it either)


The last of the Mohicans (Main Titles, The Kiss, Fort Battle and Top of the World)
The Mighty (My noble knight. Wish they had played Past times, though)
Fields of Freedom (I didnīt know this one)
The Dark Cristal (several pieces. Maybe this is the piece I liked less of the whole program)

The bises were two pieces I didnīt know either. I think one of them was Dominick and Eugene and the other could be Loch Ness or any other by him (as you can see, Iīm not an expert in Jonesīmusic. Well, Iīm not an expert in any kind of music )

On an aside note, I was in the same row Chistopher Young was, but pretty far away. He seemed a really nice guy. When he was going to sit to attend the concert, a young score collector approached him to see if Mr. Young would mind to take a picture with him. I saw how he nodded enthusiastically and stayed next to the guy for the photo. Also, when he sat down, another guy who was 4 or 5 seats on his side asked him (by signs) if he could sign some booklets for him. Again, he nodded enthusiastically, took the booklets, and started signing them in his seatīs arm.

Iīve been told that Dario Marianelli is a very nice guy as well (I saw him 2 meters away. He could have been Spanish, the way he looked, dressed and the bag he was wearing (with a Vespa moto drawed)).

In fact, after two days of conferences, there was a moment for signing scores, that apart from Mr. Young, Mr. Marianelli and Mr. Glennie-Smith (I think. Maybe some other composers as well, though I donīt exactly know), nobody else did. I know is their choice, and I canīt complain if they decide not to do it. But I have to give my most sincere admirations for those who spent their time signing.

From now on, Iīll look to their scores in the shops with other eyes.

PS: If you see a film music concert performed by La Orquesta Sinfónica de Chamartín, run, run as far away as your legs allow you to. You probably wonīt believe this coming from me, but I think that probably a concert by Iron Maiden is more worth than the first one.

If the concert is performed by La Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE, I think youīll enjoy it.

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Yavar Moradi

  In Response to:
Jorge Núņez
  Wish I coulda been there...   Saturday, July 8, 2006 (11:54 a.m.) 

Basil Poledouris's concert, too.


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