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  Endurance and X-Men  
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• Posted by Smalltown_Poets
• Date: Sunday, July 9, 2006, at 11:45 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: I was praising the score, not the film... (Jorge N˙˝ez)

> Good one. I didn┤t know Logan came from a rich family. And when I stopped
> reading them (1991), there was some kind of plot were it was guessed that
> Nightcrawler and Mistique were relatives, or something. But the plots
> started to contine in different superheroes issues and I was unable to
> follow that soap opera. I think I left it in the "Inferno"
> cross-over. There was Magik, Cyclop┤s baby.....good ol┤ times.

You stopped reading before I started! I used to buy X-Men and Uncanny X-Men regularly for years but stopped when it just became habit even though I wasn't enjoying the books anymore. While I'll always love the characters, the problem with buying books solely on a soap-operatic "what happens next" fashion is that that's what they count on you to do so there's little impetus for them to make them any more than mediocre, and sometimes these comics have been downright bad. Not to mention these characters are so important to the company rarely is something really interesting or really permanent is going to happen to them, and when something does, if another writer or editor or editor in chief comes along who doesn't like what happened, they'll simply change it, rendering the preceding story pointless. (See an anti-Catholic hack writer taking over X-Men years ago and turning Nightcrawler's established priesthood into an insulting, ill-conceived conspiracy against the world: )

Lately I have been impressed with: Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men starting with E is for Extinction ( ), Peter David's X-Factor, which started with the excellent Madrox series (collected as "Multiple Choice: ), and the aforementioned Astonishing X-Men..

Wolverine's childhood was revealed in a mini-series called "Origin" which was of course was best-selling for doing stuff like revealing his real name (James Howlett) but in the end was strangely rather dull and uninteresting in my opinion, despite some great art.

> It┤s curious, but I think that when I saw the film, I recognized
> "Leeches". Wasn┤t him one of The Morlocks? Him and another kid
> who was drawed without nose (Mutant power: not smelling at all?)

Yeah, Leech was some kind of green or pink noseless gnome from the Morlocks (I think) whose character they used for the source of the cure in the film. Thankfully, they didn't feel he had to have the same appearance in the film... probably would have been a horrendous CGI blob or something...

> I love Endurance. The orchestration on "The final Race" is
> superb. I really like "Chasing the bull".

Wow, someone else who loves Endurance! Cool. I've often thought if I had to choose one score to be a soundtrack for a film about my life it would be this one. African influences, luminous highs and brooding lows. I especially love track 11 "Mother Is Sent Away", one of those extremely melancholy tracks like "Gortoz A Ran - J'Attends" from Black Hawk Down.


NP: Endurance

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