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  Re: Hot Air and Gore's Inconvenient Truth  
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• Posted by Carlton
• Date: Friday, July 14, 2006, at 2:27 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Accckkk. It's coming here... Hot Air, Big blob of HEAT expanding eastward (Admiral Hull)

> Speaking of heat waves, has anyone seen that Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth?

Nope, I don't plan on seeing it. Maybe, I'll read the book but there are just so many books out there...

> I saw it yesterday. It got me wondering about how much of it was true because it seemed pretty sincere to me,

Well, I saw Gore's interview with Charlie Rose. Gore knowledge, regarding this subject matter, was impressive, and I loved his CFC/Ozone example. (Could Bush evere appear to that intelligent regarding an area he is not officially trained in.) I wouldn't exactly label Gore's film as being "junk" science. Gore and Rose intelligently spatted over the scientific speculations and extrapolations in this area. The thing is that it's not an absolute certainty with absolute timetables and so forth. I ,too, am a little skeptical about the dependency on man-made computer models, and the potential problems dealing with such large geological times, but I think it's foolish to ignore potential evidence and inconvenient "truths," especially when it’s apparent that the US should be making some kind of Energy policy changes. (the interview)

> and if it is all true --- then buy a Vespa! P.S. (No need to comment on the music....

We need cars not scooters (especially if you take into account American wieght considerations). I'll end by noting that consensus can be wrong (see YTK), but that even the Christian Science Monitor is endorsing Gore’s film.


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