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  Admission of my Own Pretentiousness/Is Shyamalan a Pretentious Bastard??  
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• Posted by Timmy B.
• Date: Monday, July 24, 2006, at 10:16 p.m.
• IP Address:

It’s hard to imagine that one’s self is pretentious… I have always suspected that I might be easily called pretentious but I could never let myself think much about it. That all was before some adjusted medication and new self-discovery. I realize now that I indeed have acted pretentiously for much of my life, not because of trying to appear important or excellent, but from truly *believing* that I was both important and excellent. In the most recent past years of my life I’ve started writing a book that I’ve truly believed could be the most important book in human history. Even more recently, though, I’ve realized that this is indicative of a messiah complex. Change in medicine and diagnosis of having psychotic disorder N. O. S. helped me see this. (Psychotic disorder has probably been the culprit in many of my tangents here comprised of clouded reasoning.)

So, I earnestly apologize for the annoyance and anger I’ve caused in others who have witnessed my posts here where I wouldn’t acknowledge the validity of opinions that differed from my “great mind”. (My book is about understanding other people, ironically, so I did try to understand others to some extent, but this was undermined by my grandiose sense of self.) I also apologize for all the negative speak I’ve directed toward others. Disrespect is never warranted (except when it would be disrespectful not to be “disrespectful”… ). I can say I’ve always had good intentions and never intended to be mean—meanness, when it was present, was only a symptom of not paying attention to how I affected others and probably was mixed with misdirected anger that found its way to the surface in the “safe” environment of internet communication.

I’m not saying that I’m “cured” of this messiah complex. I’m partly saying all this to help people keep this in mind in their interpretation of my posts; for instance, my style of writing developed out of myself being a snob, so I think it will always have that edge. A grandiose sense of self is a challenge that I think I will always face—but, this is no reason to give up, of course.

This all is way too personal, I know, but it’s the only way I can think of to try to make amends here. I can’t imagine another way to try to clear up resentment concerning me on this board.

In conclusion ( ), how can one imagine that they themselves are snobs? I’ve always known myself better than anyone and have always known the reasons why I act as I do… Yet this doesn’t excuse acting snobbishly… (By extension, I guess we should keep in mind that people always have their reasons for why they act as they do while we identify people as snobs (or identify people as anything else that’s negative).)

If you don’t know what all the above is about, check the archives…

Now for the second part of this post:

I just a little while ago looked back to see the reviews given to Shyamalan’s films and how they’ve changed over time. (I used It seems that most reviewers think he’s becoming more and more pretentious as well as becoming less and less good. What do people think of this? I think he’s perfecting some things while losing other things… I think the Village was his best (and Howard’s best).

Speaking of scores for a change, I really am liking Howard’s Lady score… The only other score I’ve gotten this year has been The Da Vinci Code which I like as well. Any recommendations for other recent scores??


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