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• Posted by C. Hook
• Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2006, at 6:12 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: My problem with The Sixth Sense... (Smalltown_Poets)

> I find it a whole new movie as well: a laughable one. While Willis and
> Osment give effective performances, I frankly find the The Sixth Sense
> absolutely ridiculous upon rewatching. How can someone think they are
> "alive" for long streches of their existence and never realize
> that they are never hungry, never bathe, never take a friggin crap, that,
> even though he thinks he lives in a city and thinks he is employed as a
> He's either extremely stupid, or perhaps the least observant person in the
> history of man. Either way, not the kind of protagonist I can take
> seriously for a film that yearns for such dramatic moments.

So? If we can make exceptions for people with mental disorders (real people) to deviate from the behavior and thought process you described, we can make exceptions for ghosts. It's only fair. I mean, the kid with half his skull blown off doesn't know he's dead, why should the good doctor? Throw-up girl does know, but hey, no two ghosts are alike. The assumption that Willis' character thinks and experiences the world the same way the living do simply because he does normal, living dude stuff from time to time was made by you.

I'm not a Shyamalan apologist, but I do kind of get hung up on people who: 1) Think the ending makes the movie and 2) Challenge what the movie does not say or explain and holds it responsible for it, even though it's not the point of the film (and its lack thereof does not interfere with the rest of the screenplay) and with a little imagination can be resolved.

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