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  Re: My problem with The Sixth Sense...  
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 • Posted by: Beavoid
• Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2006, at 9:46 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: My problem with The Sixth Sense... (Smalltown_Poets)

He doesn't realize he is dead because he can't let go. He has been so focused on his patients that that is all he recognizes (we know this from the opening scene and the fact that he IS unable to talk with his wife and he considers it normal). He is determined to help other people and not himself. It is a great metaphore. In addition, it is has long been a passtime of ghosts in literary fiction to not understand that they are dead and not realize their situation. This is just a very well acted, well written interperetation of that.

Still a great film the 10th time I saw it.

The twist is so emotionally relevent and moving important to the story, that it doesn't matter that I know it every time. The characters are so well written that you care for them despite know their fates.

Now Lady, that is another story...ick.


> On the other hand I feel it's been more of an unpredictable see-saw
> effect. What I especially don't understand is seemingly almost everyone's
> unbridled love for The Sixth Sense, contrasted with mixed views on
> Unbreakable and outright loathing for his latest efforts... I mean, Scott
> says:

> "...the ending serves to make the film richer and more complex (...)
> seeing the film again after learning the twist is almost like seeing a
> whole new movie, and there are few films one can say that about."

> *Spoiler Alert*, for the three people in Idaho who haven't seen this film:

> I find it a whole new movie as well: a laughable one. While Willis and
> Osment give effective performances, I frankly find the The Sixth Sense
> absolutely ridiculous upon rewatching. How can someone think they are
> "alive" for long streches of their existence and never realize
> that they are never hungry, never bathe, never take a friggin crap, that,
> even though he thinks he lives in a city and thinks he is employed as a
> He's either extremely stupid, or perhaps the least observant person in the
> history of man. Either way, not the kind of protagonist I can take
> seriously for a film that yearns for such dramatic moments.

> The last time I watched The Sixth Sense, it became a total unexpected
> MST3K fest.

> -Jon

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