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  Re: Notice of impending upgrade to the Scoreboard forum  
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• Posted by Josh
• Date: Saturday, July 29, 2006, at 7:46 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Notice of impending upgrade to the Scoreboard forum (Christian Clemmensen)

So that's it then... 2715 posts, remaining twelfth overall. I've been no. 12 for a looooooong time (and this is only the second time I've posted in the past, oh, six months?).

Twas nice while it lasted.


> I think I've got the software for the new Scoreboard completed a bit ahead
> of schedule, but the only way to really test it is to unleash it upon all
> of you. Early next week, I'll give a final notice on this old board and a
> day later the forum will be taken down for about two hours. During this
> changeover, neither forum will be available. Then, the new one will debut.

> Other than the obvious changes to the layout and features, there are a few
> things you might want to know:

> - Profiles will be preserved.

> - Profile pictures uploaded to Filmtracks will also be preserved.

> - You will no longer be able to link to pics at other sites in your
> profile. Those links will likely be broken. I strongly encourage you to
> download the pic you want to use, and then upload it to Filmtracks using
> either this board or the new one (remember: your uploaded pics will
> transfer).

> - There may be a few cases of busted pic locations. The only reason I keep
> mentioning this is because the pic you decide to use will appear on each
> of your messages. If you get an avatar-styled thumbnail of your profile
> pic that is broken, upload again and all will be solved.

> - Your post totals will be reset. All stats will start over.

> - Emoticons will remain the same. Text formatting options will expand.

> - The location of the new board will be different from this current board.
> If you've bookmarked the "main.cgi" board, you will always get
> this older board.

> - The older board will remain in place as an archive. You can continue to
> view it at any time, but posting will be disallowed. It will be displayed
> in the new software's format.

> - The new board will simply exist at . The
> intro page will be gone (a teaser will eventually appear on the home
> page).

> - Additional features will continue to debut as the board succeeds in its
> tests (the first 500 posts will be a good test period).

> - One of two technical errors I'm unsure about might involve the countlist
> database (which tells how many views exist for each message). That file
> was corrupted in early 2003, and I've used the database recovery, dump,
> and load utilities on the server to try to salvage that data. It looks
> like it's worked on the new test version of this old board, though I doubt
> many people here have noticed this problem anyway because so few people
> browse the messages from 2000 to 2001.

> - The other technical error that might occur is in the script's
> "guestbook-style" viewing of monster threads. On my test
> version, the software failed to render the entire Marxist Oboe thread
> (with all the message bodies) on one page. But that's 400+ responses in
> one thread, and I'm not going to worry about failures on such rare cases.
> We will probably never again see 420 messages in a thread anyways... It's
> far ahead of all others in the new stats page (in both views and posts).
> The current view format (one message per page) continued to work fine on
> that thread.

> - Your cookies may or may not be another problem. I'm going to attempt to
> incorporate your Scoreboard cookies with the comment area ones, so that
> once you have a Scoreboard profile, the comment areas will recognize you
> and fill in your name, e-mail, etc, into the forms there. The problem with
> this is that the board could possibly drop your cookie or, maybe, fail to
> recognize how many messages have been posted since your last visit.

> - If the new board marks too many messages as "NEW" for you,
> there will be a button you can use to "mark all messages read"
> and it'll reset your cookie.

> - Make sure to reset your preferences if you've set your default view of
> the index to something other than standard. The default view will go from
> "last three days" to "last X messages posted."

> - The Marxist Oboe thread will be finished forever.

> As always, please let me know if you encounter problems in the new board.
> I'll remind you of all of this again early next week... In the meantime,
> if you've ever wanted to respond to a post on this old Scoreboard, now is
> the time to do it.

> Christian

Cognoscente... my wonderfully wonderful Live Journal! :D

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