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  Re: will PREVAIL!(Maybe Yes,Maybe no....)  
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 • Posted by: David A. Koran
• Date: Friday, December 29, 2000, at 7:13 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: will PREVAIL!(Maybe Yes,Maybe no....) (Daniel)

> Yes I can. Peter whipped your ass and now you're sore about it! You
> thought for years that you were the KING of the Internet film music world.
> But then Peter passed you by and he is now emperor of the score web.

> It is eating at you!

Oh, puleeeze..... Peter wouldn't know film music if it came up and bit him on the ass. Anytime where there's a topic on Kelly's little message board where there is some interesting debate or a topic that's waay out of his leauge.. he dismisses it and is never heard from again. The man is the most paranoid individual on the planet... he even beats out most schizo's. Man, your post is just flame bait.. is this your first day on the Internet.. oh, wait... you're on WebTV.. you don't even have a computer.

> Someday, you will be EMPLOYED by Peter Kelly, and when that happens, I
> will dance a jig!

I'd hardly call Peter actually employed... thus, not even able to employ anyone under him. Now, if you're looking for real ass kissers, go to the mirror, pucker up.. and give yourself a smootch.

> Why so sour? Is big bad Ford afraid?

Hey guys... have you ever met Ford personally? It's a personality that's a bit different, a bit abrasive, but it doesn't mean he's a bad guy. Geezus folks.. if you never actually had direct contact with an individual.. you can't judge a thing. You can either choose to get use to it.. or in short, just plain ignore it. You have a mouse, and a keyboard.. if you don't want to read, click on to the next topic or message. I have to admit, and Ford knows this, that back in the early days of and FILMUS-L that I didn't get along with him very well, and pretty much felt the same way you folks seem to do. I met him in person... talked to him about film music and other things.. and well, the guy knows his #####... which hardly what I can say to most people around (Christian excluded.. because, he's one of the folks that know's what he's talking about...). I can't always agree with what Ford says... and sometimes don't, but unless you've had a mano-el-mano discussion with somebody, and not just a snipe attack, don't drag folks through the mud.

Hey, just think... the folks at the other end of the argument could choose to ignore you as well... gee and where would the thread go then?

The other white meat

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