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• Posted by Olivier
• Date: Friday, March 8, 2002, at 2:17 p.m.
• IP Address:

This, my dear friends and fellow film music lovers, is my 1000th post since I subscribed in Fall.

Some will find it pointless to celebrate this meaningless non-event, for others it is a fun moment. I think such "landmarks" can be the opportunity to look back on your experience on the board.

And it is been a very good experience so far. It is great to be able to discuss scores and share information or get some advice-- and make trades!
Sure, the discussions are not 100% about film scores and some threads are more fun than informative. Well, that is what makes the ScoreBoard what it is as opposed to "more serious places". It is good to have this diversity. And it is not all-fun either: there have been very interesting and instructing discussions on scores and music.

2002 ought to be quite a good year for us, what with Spider-Man, Episode II, The Two Towers, Minority Report, Treasure Planet, and whatever else might in store and I may have forgotten. And that is "only" new movies. It also started pretty well with the long-awaited Young Sherlock Holmes (now playing ), The Boy Who Would Fly, Flesh+Blood, Logan is Run, and the announcement of a new release of The Rescuers Down Under, plus what seems to be the upcoming releases of Goldsmith is The Swarm and The Boys From Brazil.

And we will be treated to a re-release E.T., movie and score. I did not see the movie at the time and am glad I'll get the chance to see it on the big screen.

2002 is a landmark on a personal level, score-wise. Sorry, the following may not be thrilling (and even be a repetition of earlier posts)-- but there is a "reward" at then end (hey wait! not now!).

E.T. was my very first film music experience. My mother offered me the LP (I also had-- and still have-- the 45 LP read-along of Star Wars and the 33 LP read-along of E.T., the latter narrated by Michael Jackson) 20 years ago. I kept playing it over, especially the awesome "Flying" track, and looking at the label: a blue sky with nice white clouds and a rainbow shooting out of one of them; "MCA Records-- John Williams-- E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial". I didn't get to see who had written that wonderful music until much much later.

I did see Gremlins in '1984 and got the LP (before or after the movie, I cannot remember). This was my first Goldsmith score! I liked the songs , but I played the score much more often. Also, there was a cool fun things you could do with LPs: I loved switching it to 45 so it would play the Gremlins Rag faster .

1984 was also the year of Ghostbusters. What a winter! Gremlins & Ghosbusters! I saw them both, and also got the Ghostbusters. you have guessed it (or you may remember), it was mostly songs, and only 2 scores tracks by Elmer Bernstein (the Ghostbusters and Dana is theme).

About that time (second half of the '80s), I also used to tape music off TV. themes such as Jaws, Superman, McGyver, ...

1989: Batman! Really my 3rd score, since Ghostbusters had so little music.

And this year also marks the 10th Anniversary of my CD player and my first CD is! These were John Williams Conducts John Williams: The Star Wars Trilogy, Twin Peaks, Doctor Zhivago / Ryan is Daughter, then Total Recall, ...

Sweet memories...

I will not go into the "Favorite" list. I tried it a few months ago and it is too difficult:

Now, as I saw the big 4-figure count looming up ahead and rapidly getting nearer, I wondered for the last week or so what I could do for this 1000th post besides rambling about my so short past (of oh-so-little interest ).

Several of you have written short stories, some of which were really good. The problem was, I had no idea what to tell. Well, I already have improvised a couple of stories in e-mails to friends, loosely inspired from my life. But I didn't feel like doing it. A nice thing would have been to write a story using film (thus score) titles, but I already did that, in one of my early posts:

And then I thought of something that would be fun to and I hope you'll like.
You know these guys: , , ... ; they are pretty useful. But it is a pity there are not more to choose from. So I created a few new ones. And since they were to celebrate my 1000th post, I made 111! (0111, that is... )

I have not identified them because many can be used to represent different emotions or attitudes, and I leave it up to your imagination. There are only a few that already exist, such as , but I have done them my way. Among the new ones, you will find " Incognito", "Invisible Man (Woman?)", "Bashful / Aw Shucks!", "Clown", "Scornful", "Stiff Upper-Lip", "Lurker", "Egghead", "Square", "Shameful", "Liar", "Mesmerized", "Hypnotized", "Sad", "Evil", "Yummy Yum Yum", "(Il-)Logical", "Won't Tell a Word", "Who, me?", … and one that is not exactly an emoticon (though it might stand for "Magic" or-- well, you'll see), but I could not help adding it.

You will find them there:

I wish there was some way of using them on the board. Well, I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading through (or skimming over) this not-exactly-thrilling post!

May the Force (and great Scores) be with you!
Live long and prosper (to buy lots of cool film music)!

here for another 1000 posts at least

PS (Hidden special feature):
Actually, I did think of something else to do. You will find that this 1000th post (title included) has a word count of exactly... 1000 !

Of Mice and Ducks

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