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Capricorn One
Album Cover Art
1993 GNP Crescendo
2005 Intrada
Album 2 Cover Art
2009 Collector's Choice
Album 3 Cover Art
2012 Perseverance
Album 4 Cover Art
2015 Intrada
Album 5 Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Produced by:

Orchestrated by:
Arthur Morton

Album Version Performed by:
The National Philharmonic Orchestra

2005 Album Produced by:
Douglass Fake

2009 Album Produced by:
Paul N. Lazarus III
Labels Icon
GNP Crescendo
(November 19th, 1993)

Intrada Records
(July 19th, 2005)

Collector's Choice
(September 22nd, 2009)

Perseverance Records
(October 16th, 2012)

Intrada Records
(July 20th, 2015)
Availability Icon
The 1993 GNP Crescendo album was a regular commercial release, but it went out of print later in the decade and has sold for over $50. The 2005 Intrada album was limited to 3,000 copies and sold out within a year, eventually fetching over $100. The 2009 Collector's Choice product, initially valued at about $10, is a straight commercial re-issue of the LP album recording on the Capricorn One portion of the 1993 CD, though that label quickly went out of business and the re-issue became scarce. The identical 2012 Perseverance re-issue was limited to 3,000 copies but returned to a retail value of about $13. The minimally expanded 2015 Intrada release of the film recording is a regular commercial product sold originally only through soundtrack specialty outlets for $20.
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Buy it... on the 1993, 2009, or 2012 CD re-issues of the original LP presentation if you seek a fantastic rearrangement and re-recording by Jerry Goldsmith of this brutally propulsive score.

Avoid it... on those albums if you prefer the sparse and harshly raw version of the score recorded by Goldsmith at MGM for the film itself, of which the 2005 and 2015 Intrada Records albums are very loyal representations.
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WRITTEN 7/16/09, REVISED 4/8/16
Capricorn One: (Jerry Goldsmith) Director Peter Hyams took aim at one of America's most respected institutions in his 1978 thriller Capricorn One, a film hailed as a classic by conspiracy theorists who believe that NASA would be capable and willing to fake a manned journey to another planet. In very sinister fashion, Capricorn One tells of NASA's much hyped mission to send three astronauts to Mars. Upon realizing that due to a myriad of reasons (but mainly budget problems) the mission would result in certain failure, the astronauts are secretly spirited away from the launch pad before the space vehicle blasts off without them. The great deception of NASA continues from there, as the agency forces the reluctant astronauts to perform the remainder of their duties from a remote sound stage created to look like their vehicle and the Martian landscape. Under threat of harm to their families, they play along with the scheme and temporarily save NASA's reputation, but upon the unexpected destruction of the vehicle upon re-entry, the three men must be terminated. Realizing this, they escape through the desert of the American Southwest, chased relentlessly by helicopters containing assassins hired by NASA. While the film is somewhat dated by its retrospective implausibility and O.J. Simpson's casting as one of the three astronauts, Capricorn One remains an extremely compelling piece of storytelling. Distrust of the federal government is an enduring factor in American society, and Hyams managed to construct the narrative in a fashion that still provokes considerable thought more than thirty years later. The collaboration between Hyams and composer Jerry Goldsmith only lasted for two pictures, and there's a significant difference between the application of music in Capricorn One and the score for the equally entertaining space Western Outland two years later. Whereas the music in the latter film played a purely secondary role (and is far less complicated), Goldsmith's extremely intricate composition for Capricorn One is a vital part of the film's success and, on its own, a striking entry during this period in his career (one that is often referred to as his peak). The debate about Capricorn One is not about its quality; nobody can effectively argue that the score isn't tremendously effective. But the two different recordings that Goldsmith produced of the score are worlds apart and thus open the doors for a debate that happens surprisingly infrequently in regards to this era in film music.

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Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
1993 GNP Crescendo Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 78:21
Outland: (39:13)
• 1. The Mine (3:52)
• 2. Early Arrival (4:09)
• 3. The Message (2:07)
• 4. The Airlock (4:42)
• 5. Hot Water (4:49)
• 6. The Hunted (5:14)
• 7. Spiders (2:29)
• 8. The Rec Room (3:23)
• 9. The Hostage (4:18)
• 10. Final Message (3:27)
Capricorn One: (39:08)
• 11. Main Title (2:47)
• 12. Bedtime Story (3:01)
• 13. Docking (2:55)
• 14. No Water (2:26)
• 15. The Message (4:33)
• 16. Breakout (3:13)
• 17. Kay's Theme (3:17)
• 18. The Station (3:30)
• 19. The Snake (3:37)
• 20. The Long Climb (3:53)
• 21. The Letter (2:52)
• 22. The Celebration (3:04)
2005 Intrada Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 56:32
2009 and 2012 Albums Tracks   ▼Total Time: 39:08
2015 Intrada Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 59:48

Notes Icon
All of the albums' inserts include extensive information about the score and film. The 2009 product includes the following note:

    "Although the film in question is largely forgotten, Jerry Goldsmith's music for the sci-fi opus Capricorn One looms as arguably the most influential and imitated action score of the late 20th century. An exhilarating work that evolves with masterful purpose and precision, its densely percussive arrangements remain synonymous with adventure and suspense decades after its release. Where followers like Alan Silvestri and James Horner rely almost solely on sensory assault to convey danger and dread, Goldsmith sculpts the music of Capricorn One via complex orchestration and meticulous sound effects, building and expanding his central themes to create genuine drama. Tightrope-taut and brilliantly paced, the soundtrack is more vividly cinematic than its accompanying celluloid images themselves. It's a virtual master class in the art of film music."
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