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La La Land
Album Cover Art
2016 Regular Song Album
2016 Score-Only Album
Album 2 Cover Art
2017 Complete Musical Experience Album
Album 3 Cover Art
Composed, Orchestrated, and Co-Produced by:
Justin Hurwitz

Conducted by:
Tim Davies

Co-Produced by:
Marius de Vries
Labels Icon
Interscope Records
(Regular Album)
(December 9th, 2016)

Interscope Records
(Score Album)
(December 16th, 2016)

Interscope Records
(Complete Album)
(February 24th, 2017)
Availability Icon
All releases are regular commercial products, the initial song and score albums available as CDs. The song album was also released on vinyl. The "Complete Musical Experience" product combining the two previous albums and featuring additional songs was released two months later and is only available as a download.
The score won a Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, a Grammy Award, and Academy Award. The song "City of Stars" won a Golden Globe and Academy Award and was nominated for a Grammy Award.
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Buy it... if your soft spot for intimate jazz combos and Busby Berkeley musicals of the 1930's calls for a smart, modern adaptation of that sound into melodically rich, dreamy ball of optimism.

Avoid it... if you have no love for extremely dry jazz recordings, vibraphones in particular, or suspect vocal performances, all of which plaguing this soundtrack in various degrees.
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WRITTEN 3/10/17
La La Land: (Justin Hurwitz/Various) The "not quite Best Picture" of 2016, La La Land beat the odds to prove once again that the musical genre hasn't reached its expiration date in Hollywood. Its creator, Damien Chazelle, was forced to make the critically acclaimed Whiplash to earn the credibility with studios to bankroll La La Land, but he ultimately did so with fantastic results. The movie follows the lead of 2001's pinnacle of modern musicals, Moulin Rouge, to juxtapose disparate eras of music and location to highlight the pitfalls of occupational passion and doomed romance. In modern Los Angeles, two struggling artists aspiring to Hollywood greatness happen across each others' paths throughout their lives, Mia dedicating herself to countless failed auditions as an actress while Sebastian makes end meet as a jazz musician who can't seem to find the right fit for his sound. The film's optimistic charm is countered by the oppressive weight of expectations in Los Angeles, leading to a feeling of discord that is exacerbated on the romantic side by the movie's airy soundtrack and the plotline's inevitable detachment of the main leads. The production sought to film some of the musical numbers in the uncut style seen in the old Busby Berkeley musicals of the 1930's, forcing endless retakes shot on traditional rolls of film as leads Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone humorously bumbled their way through this genre for the first time. Chazelle had conceived of La La Land all the way back in college, where his friend, musician Justin Hurwitz, contributed to the idea. Of course, by the time the film was developed in full, Hurwitz, known now for his Grammy-winning music for Whiplash, was along for the ride, composing the score and musical numbers with some assistance from songwriters and lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. The basic formula for the musical is pretty standard, taking the melodies from five major songs and adapting them into accompanying themes for each character, location, or pairing that could weave in and out of the score as well. The catch, however, is Hurwitz's pure 1930's tribute sound that forces, along with the choreography, the heyday of cinematic musical productions into the comparatively exhausting and complicated world of contemporary Hollywood and the pitfalls of Los Angeles at large.

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Average: 3.45 Stars
***** 82 5 Stars
**** 72 4 Stars
*** 65 3 Stars
** 48 2 Stars
* 27 1 Stars
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La La Land glamorizes fornication and adultery fantasy   Expand >>
Lana Vawser - March 11, 2017, at 7:35 p.m.
3 comments  (2369 views)
Newest: March 12, 2017, at 7:05 p.m. by
Not loving 'City of Stars'
Rick R - March 11, 2017, at 6:50 p.m.
1 comment  (856 views)

Track Listings Icon
2016 Regular Song Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 45:53
• 1. Another Day of Sun - performed by Ensemble Cast (3:48)
• 2. Someone in the Crowd - performed by Emma Stone and Various (4:19)
• 3. Mia & Sebastian's Theme (1:38)
• 4. A Lovely Night - performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (3:56)
• 5. Herman's Habit (1:51)
• 6. City of Stars - performed by Ryan Gosling (1:51)
• 7. Planetarium (4:17)
• 8. Summer Montage/Madeline (2:04)
• 9. City of Stars - performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (2:29)
• 10. Start a Fire - performed by John Legend (3:12)
• 11. Engagement Party (1:27)
• 12. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) - performed by Emma Stone (3:48)
• 13. Epilogue (7:39)
• 14. The End (0:46)
• 15. City of Stars (Humming) (2:42)
2016 Score-Only Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 53:07
2017 Complete Musical Experience Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 93:42

Notes Icon
The inserts of the CDs contain a list of performers and extensive photography and credits, but they inexcusably lack lyrics to the songs.
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