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Poltergeist II: The Other Side
Album Cover Art
1986 Intrada
and Varèse
1993 Intrada
Album 2 Cover Art
2003 Varèse
Album 3 Cover Art
2013 Kritzerland
Album 4 Cover Art
2017 Intrada
Album 5 Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Produced by:

Orchestrated by:
Arthur Morton
Labels Icon
Intrada Records and
Varèse Sarabande

Intrada Records
(November, 1993)

Varèse Sarabande
(October 14th, 2003)

(October 8th, 2013)

Intrada Records
(May 16th, 2017)
Availability Icon
The original 1986 album (Intrada in the U.S. and Varèse Sarabande elsewhere) is long out of print and gone from the market. The "limited edition" Intrada album from 1993 (2,000 copies pressed) had considerable value after it disappeared as well, but the "deluxe edition" from Varèse Sarabande in 2003 (a regular U.S. release) reduced the value of all the albums to normal prices.

The expanded 2013 Kritzerland album is a product limited to an inadequate 1,500 copies, originally offered for $20 but selling out immediately and escalating in value to $30 or more. The 2017 Intrada album is limited to an unknown quantity and retailed primarily through soundtrack specialty outlets for an initial price of $22.
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Buy it... on the 2017 Intrada album to rectify the issue of incomplete presentations with prior products if you desire one of Jerry Goldsmith's more noteworthy horror scores.

Avoid it... on the 2013 Kritzerland album specifically if you expect to find significant new material beyond that of the 2003 offering, or if you prefer the greater intensity of the action sequences heard during Goldsmith's first Poltergeist score.
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WRITTEN 10/22/03, REVISED 7/2/17
Poltergeist II: The Other Side: (Jerry Goldsmith) Disaster not only followed the Freeling family in the Poltergeist franchise of films, but the productions and their actors as well. After the huge fiscal and popular success of Poltergeist in 1982, a sequel was inevitable, but the collaboration of the same cast and crew would prove to be daunting. The production process for the sequel was badly plagued, from the battle for control over the picture to the death of some of the franchise's key actors. By the end of the Poltergeist trilogy, four primary actors were dead, including Heather O'Rourke, who portrayed the famous, clairvoyant little girl, Carol Anne. Despite all of these real life hauntings, the franchise forged ahead, and Poltergeist II: The Other Side was billed as having the most spectacular special effects ever to be seen in a horror film. Despite these bone-chilling visuals, however, the film suffered from a poor script, ambivalent audience response, a butchered edit of late action sequences, and a lack of fresh ideas. (The quality of the stories in each successive film in the franchise diminished as well.) Signed on late in the process was composer Jerry Goldsmith, whose superb score for the first film had been deservedly nominated for an Academy Award. Writing music for the sequel over the 1985 holiday season, Goldsmith decided to match the film's increased technical intensity by himself raising the stakes with his instrumental ensemble. He set out to combine the best of The Omen, Poltergeist, and his concurrent electronics-heavy scores into one gargantuan effort. When critics seemingly uniformly pounded on the film at its 1986 release debut, Goldsmith's score was spared much of the criticism, often praised for its ambitious achievements compared to other, lackluster production features.

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Average: 3.18 Stars
***** 84 5 Stars
**** 94 4 Stars
*** 98 3 Stars
** 74 2 Stars
* 57 1 Stars
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Don't listen to at night..
dts - September 25, 2006, at 10:10 p.m.
1 comment  (2517 views)
Surprisingly good!
Rende - August 25, 2006, at 5:32 a.m.
1 comment  (2484 views)
What an excellent score - I love it
Jayce Barrons - November 9, 2003, at 2:16 p.m.
1 comment  (2929 views)
A great "classic" score
Matt Johnston - November 9, 2003, at 2:12 p.m.
1 comment  (2926 views)
A Fantastic Score!   Expand >>
Gregory Kyprianou - November 7, 2003, at 1:39 p.m.
2 comments  (3620 views)
Newest: November 8, 2003, at 9:58 a.m. by
It is the true shrine of horror
Oerfrenk - November 7, 2003, at 11:44 a.m.
1 comment  (2497 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
1986 Intrada/Varèse Albums Tracks   ▼Total Time: 29:24
• 1. The Power (7:42)
• 2. Late Call (3:22)
• 3. The Smoke (4:36)
• 4. The Worm (5:13)
• 5. Reaching Out (8:29)
1993 Intrada Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 53:31
2003 Varèse Sarabande Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 61:19
2013 Kritzerland Set Tracks   ▼Total Time: 94:50
2017 Intrada Set Tracks   ▼Total Time: 189:33

Notes Icon
With the exception of the 1986 albums, the inserts of all the releases include detailed information about the score and film, though the 2013 Kritzerland set's notes are not as comprehensive. For some reason, Varèse Sarabande dropped "The Other Side" from the title of the film on its 2003 album.
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Note to men: It is not recommended that you joyously play the "Vomit Creature" cue from this soundtrack while your wife is actively suffering from morning sickness due to pregnancy. Yelling may ensue.
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