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The Best of Star Trek: Volume Two
Album Cover Art
Composed by:
Dennis McCarthy
David Bell
Fred Steiner
Jerry Goldsmith

Produced by:
Neil Norman
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GNP Crescendo Records
(April 18th, 2000)
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Regular U.S. release.
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Buy it... if you seek the last relevant music from "The Next Generation" to be released, as well as one of the best episodic scores from "Deep Space Nine."

Avoid it... if you are dissatisfied with the lack of attention to the superior action music from the later seasons of "Voyager," for this album does not offer any of those highlights.
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WRITTEN 8/16/00, REVISED 12/1/07
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The Best of Star Trek: Volume Two: (Various) As "Voyager," the last of the 24th Century "Star Trek" shows on television for the franchise, wrapped up its final season, the GNP Crescendo label concluded its spirit of tradition with "Star Trek" music albums by releasing a second and final volume of material from shows spanning the first four series. The label, while concentrating mostly on albums devoted to "Original Series" and "The Next Generation," introduced the concept of providing a compilation of single episodic scores from each of the series in 1996, when their first volume used the tagline of the "30th Anniversary" of the original show as its selling point. Providing music from all four series is a popular way to market these products to fans of each show, and thus, suites from noteworthy episodes of all four series appear on this second such volume. The debate that usually ensues about them is inevitably related to selection of which episodic scores have been included by GNP, and, for the most part, this album features some solid choices. Rather than devoting the "Original Series" section to a single episode, "The Best of Star Trek: Volume Two" presents suites from a handful of "Original Series" episodes that had not yet been included on previous albums. Compared to GNP's previous releases of "Original Series" music, the selections here contain some of the more suspenseful and less repetitive cues, and the label should be commended especially for releasing a portion of "Balance of Terror," a memorable episode in which the Enterprise first encounters and does battle with a cloaking Romulan vessel. Fans of the robust, orchestral side of these episodics could certainly have done without the lounge mix of Alexander Courage's original theme, but die-hards will undoubtedly embrace it. Moved to the end of the album is the suite from the final episode of "The Next Generation," with a score that contains some of Dennis McCarthy's most mature music for the series. The rescue cue is badly underscored, though this is a usual technique for McCarthy on these shows. The unused cue marking Q's entrance is particularly good, and raises questions about why it was abandoned in the editing of the show. The heroic resolution features Courage's original theme, and makes for a pleasant end to the album and series.

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Average: 3.33 Stars
***** 53 5 Stars
**** 56 4 Stars
*** 61 3 Stars
** 31 2 Stars
* 27 1 Stars
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An excellent album
Sheridan - August 28, 2006, at 8:09 a.m.
1 comment  (1705 views)

Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 63:42
Star Trek: The Original Series

• 1. Theme from "Star Trek" (0:51)
Strings arrangement - Season 1 (A. Courage)

• 2. Suite from "The Corbomite Maneuver" (4:29)
Radiation - Cube Radiation- Baby Balok
Fesarious Approaches (F. Steiner)

• 3. Suite from "Balance of Terror" (3:42)
Romulan Warship - Romulan Theme
Centurion (F. Steiner)

• 4. Suite from "What are Little Girls Made Of" (4:39)
Meet Andrea - Big Ruk - Ruk Protests (F.Steiner)

• 5. "In Chapel" from "Balance of Terror" (1:18)
(F. Steiner/Traditional)

• 6. Theme from "Star Trek" (1:39)
Lounge Mix (A. Courage)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

• 7. Theme from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1:55)
Season 4** (D. McCarthy)

Suite from "Way of the Warrior" (D. McCarthy)
• 8. Dry Run (1:31)
• 9. Medieval Harp Source (2:57)
• 10. Evil Empire**** (1:35)
• 11. "Yo!" (4:08)
• 12. Worf II (1:47)

• 13. "Fever" from "His Way" (2:01)
Performed by Nana Visitor
(J. Davenport/E. Cooley, arr. J. Chattaway)

Star Trek: Voyager

• 14. Theme from "Star Trek: Voyager"** (1:47)
Television arrangement (J. Goldsmith)

Suite from "Bride of Chaotica" (David Bell)
• 15. Begin Chapter 18/Presenting... Arachnia**** (4:21)
• 16. Confinement Rings/Segue To Torres (3:07)
• 17. Chaotica Is Defeated/Distortions (3:43)
• 18. Chaotica's Last Words/The End? (1:05)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

• 19. Theme from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1:40)
Season 2 (A. Courage/J. Goldsmith)

Suite from "All Good Things" (D. McCarthy)
• 20. Here Comes The Judge II*/To The Rescue*** (5:59)
• 21. Primalosity (2:29)
• 22. Courage (3:31)
• 23. Saved Again (2:26)
• 24. I Have A Gun*** (0:52)
* - Cue not used in program
** - Previously released track
*** - Contains theme from Original Series by A. Courage
**** - Track incorrectly listed on album packaging

Notes Icon
The insert notes contain short information about each of the four shows and the selected cues.
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