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Album Cover Art
Songs and Score Composed and Co-Produced by:

Co-Orchestrated and Co-Produced by:
Kevin Kliesch

Song Lyrics by:
Glenn Slater

Co-Orchestrated by:
Michael Starobin

Songs and Score Arranged and Conducted by:
Michael Kosarin

Primary Vocal Performances by:
Mandy Moore
Donna Murphy
Zachary Levi
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Walt Disney Records
(November 16th, 2010)
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Regular U.S. release.
The song "I See the Light" was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Grammy Award. The album release was also nominated for a Grammy Award.
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Buy it... if you're nostalgic for the style of Disney and Alan Menken's animated classics of two decades prior, for Tangled competently emulates most of the endearing characteristics that brought fame, fortune, and Oscar wins to the composer.

Avoid it... if nothing but the undeniable magic of Menken's early 1990's classics will suffice, because while his trusted old formula is great to hear once again, it lacks some of the cohesive emotional punch and vocal refinement of those old favorites.
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WRITTEN 11/15/10
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Tangled: (Alan Menken) The famous Brothers Grimm story of "Rapunzel" is the source of inspiration for 2010's Tangled, the 50th animated feature film from Disney in a long line of classics originating with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Kidnapped by an evil mother witch as a young girl, a princess named Rapunzel, with long hair of magnificent healing powers, lives out her childhood locked away in a tower from which she can see the lights of her kingdom in the distance. Her relationship with Mother Gothel becomes strained as Repunzel reaches the age where she seeks her freedom and attempts to escape, a situation complicated when she meets and falls in love with a petty criminal with whom she will have to join efforts to reach her kingdom. The character formula for a Disney animated film follows the studio's usual standards, even utilizing secondary animal characters for comedy relief, though the studio made a concerted effort to thwart the effects of CGI on the look and feel of the picture, forcing the computer models to adapt to traditional brushed techniques meant to give Tangled a uniquely throwback appeal. The most controversial aspect of the film, ironically, was its title; fearing that some of the disappointing box office returns experienced by the previous year's The Princess and the Frog were due to a heavy emphasis on the "princess" element, Disney unfortunately changed the title of this next feature from Rapunzel to Tangled, a choice heavily criticized by fairy tale loyalists. One of the more satisfying production decisions involved the return of composer Alan Menken to the equation. Most of the studio's animated features of the 2000's were not musicals; the only two really to be sculpted from the same mould as the Disney classics of the early 1990's were Home on the Range and The Princess and the Frog, the former being Menken's only such production of this period while the latter was clearly better suited to Randy Newman's sensibilities. The success of Disney's mixed live action/animation Enchanted in 2007 (and Menken's three Oscar nominations that resulted from it) probably bolstered the studio's confidence in handing the musical reigns back to him. That's a remarkable thing to say, because many of those in denial about Menken's dominance in the 1990's need to recall that the composer has more Academy Award wins than any other living person.

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Average: 3.68 Stars
***** 375 5 Stars
**** 250 4 Stars
*** 180 3 Stars
** 116 2 Stars
* 96 1 Stars
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Can you hear it too?
carl. - January 3, 2011, at 3:27 p.m.
1 comment  (1691 views)
I like Moore's voice
Corey - November 29, 2010, at 9:27 p.m.
1 comment  (1548 views)
Tangled vs the old days
Mastadge - November 20, 2010, at 9:37 a.m.
1 comment  (2054 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 55:38
• 1. When Will My Life Begin? - performed by Mandy Moore (2:32)
• 2. When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 1) - performed by Mandy Moore (1:03)
• 3. Mother Knows Best - performed by Donna Murphy (3:10)
• 4. When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 2) - performed by Mandy Moore (2:06)
• 5. I've Got a Dream - performed by Brad Garrett, Jeffrey Tambor, Mandy Moore, and Zachary Levi (3:11)
• 6. Mother Knows Best (Reprise) - performed by Donna Murphy (1:38)
• 7. I See the Light - performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Lev (3:44)
• 8. Healing Incantation - performed by Mandy Moore (0:54)
• 9. Flynn Wanted (2:51)
• 10. Prologue - performed by Donna Murphy and Delaney Stein (2:03)
• 11. Horse with No Rider (1:57)
• 12. Escape Route (1:57)
• 13. Campfire (3:22)
• 14. Kingdom Dance (2:20)
• 15. Waiting for the Lights (2:48)
• 16. Return to Mother (2:07)
• 17. Realization and Escape (5:51)
• 18. The Tear Heals (7:38)
• 19. Kingdom Celebration (1:51)
• 20. Something That I Want - written and performed by Grace Potter (2:43)

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The insert includes lyrics and extensive credits, but no extra information about the score or film. The Enhanced CD teaser software that promises bonus content leads to a Disney website that in fact had no actual bonus content upon inspection.
Copyright © 2010-2020, Filmtracks Publications. All rights reserved.
The reviews and other textual content contained on the site may not be published, broadcast, rewritten
or redistributed without the prior written authority of Christian Clemmensen at Filmtracks Publications. All artwork and sound clips from Tangled are Copyright © 2010, Walt Disney Records and cannot be redistributed without the label's expressed written consent. Page created 11/15/10 (and not updated significantly since).
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