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Composed, Co-Orchestrated, and Co-Produced by:

Conducted by:
Stephen Mercurio

Co-Orchestrated by:
Robert Elhai

Co-Produced by:
Teese Gohl
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Universal Classics
(October 22th, 2002)
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Regular U.S. release.
The score won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. The song "Burn It Blue" was also nominated for an Academy Award.
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Buy it... if you seek one of the most effectively authentic compilations of original and traditional Mexican music to exist in the form of a soundtrack.

Avoid it... if you expect to hear more than a few faint hints of Elliot Goldenthal's better known avant garde mannerisms in this uncharacteristic work.
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WRITTEN 12/7/02, REVISED 3/1/09
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Frida: (Elliot Goldenthal) One of the surprise sensations of 2002 was Frida, a motion picture biography of controversial Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. As a 20th Century icon in the painting world, the life of Kahlo was an extraordinary tale in character, and the film accurately paints a picture of her struggles and triumphs in life and death. The story depicted in this production is true to the artist's life to such a degree as to detail not only her great art, but also her bisexuality, communist beliefs, and horrific personal difficulties with accidents and health problems. Led by Salma Hayek, the ensemble of actors for the film (many of whom not listed in advertisements) is magnificent, and the entire project was met with an outstanding response from critics and arthouse film enthusiasts alike. As complex as the film is, the music for the project would be an even more daunting task. Director Julie Taymor looked no further than her husband, Elliot Goldenthal, to compose the score and a handful of new songs to be integrated with the use of traditional songs (both in source-like employment). With an absence of really strong Hispanic composers in the United States working for major projects at the time (except for, perhaps, Lee Holdridge), the choice of Goldenthal was intriguing beyond the logical husband-wife connection. His style of brooding avant garde modernism didn't make the veteran of stage, concert halls, and movies an immediate candidate for the job, but his talent for diversity proved more than enough for the project. His efforts for Frida earned him both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his score, likely just missing another Oscar for his beautiful finale song, "Burn It Blue." The year of 2002 had no shortage of small scale, intimate scores, but Frida excelled beyond all others in its ability to produce an emotionally engaging balance of score and related songs that transcends the typical boundaries of original music most often heard in Hollywood. Goldenthal's work for his wife's film is a compilation of songs and score that is both intimate and huge in scope at the same time.

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Average: 3.29 Stars
***** 586 5 Stars
**** 521 4 Stars
*** 447 3 Stars
** 391 2 Stars
* 314 1 Stars
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Lila Downs rocks!!!!
America - January 31, 2005, at 12:55 p.m.
1 comment  (2617 views)
Paloma Negra   Expand >>
Crystal - December 17, 2004, at 7:55 p.m.
8 comments  (14462 views)
Newest: January 8, 2008, at 4:11 p.m. by
JS Park - June 21, 2004, at 3:37 p.m.
1 comment  (2468 views)
Christian said somethign bad in another review (please read)
JS Park - June 17, 2004, at 8:47 a.m.
1 comment  (2332 views)
Promo Score   Expand >>
Mark - May 3, 2004, at 1:17 a.m.
1 comment  (3882 views)
Wow! I really love this score
JS Park - May 1, 2004, at 11:07 a.m.
1 comment  (2399 views)

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Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 52:44
• 1. Benediction and Dream - performed by Lila Downs (2:31)
• 2. The Floating Bed (1:29)
• 3. El Conejo - traditional, performed by Los Cojolites (2:29)
• 4. Paloma Negra - traditional, performed by Chavela Vargas (3:17)
• 5. Self-Portrait with Hair Down (1:09)
• 6. Alcoba Azul - performed by Lila Downs (1:36)
• 7. Carabina 30/30 - traditional, performed by El Poder del Norte (2:43)
• 8. Solo Tu (1:22)
• 9. El Gusto - traditional, performed by Trio Huasteco Caimanes de Tamuin (2:18)
• 10. The Journey (2:56)
• 11. El Antifaz - traditional, performed by Liberacion, Miguel Galindo, Alejandro Marehuala, and Gerardo Garcia (2:28)
• 12. The Suicide of Dorothy Hale (0:48)
• 13. La Cavalera (1:40)
• 14. La Bruja - traditional, performed by Salma Hayek and Los Vega (1:57)
• 15. Portrait of Lupe (2:13)
• 16. La Llorona - traditional, performed by Chavela Vargas (2:22)
• 17. Estrella Oscura - performed by Lila Downs (1:48)
• 18. Still Life (1:31)
• 19. Viva La Vida - performed by Trio/Marimberos (2:16)
• 20. The Departure (2:13)
• 21. Coyoacan and Variations (2:34)
• 22. La Llorona - traditional, performed by Lila Downs and Mariachi Juvenil de Tecalitan (2:20)
• 23. Burning Bed (1:08)
• 24. Burn It Blue - performed by Lila Downs and Caetano Veloso (5:26)

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The CD is enhanced with interactive music videos and interviews. The insert contains extensive information about the music for the film, including a lengthy note from Goldenthal, lyrics to the songs, detailed credits, and a picture of Goldenthal with Julie Taymor. It shouldn't be surprising to note that while Taymor looks animated and lively, our friend Elliot appears to be staring menacingly off into oblivion, as per usual.
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