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The Black Stallion
Album Cover Art
2001 Prometheus
2009 Intrada
Album 2 Cover Art
Co-Composed, Co-Conducted, and Produced by:
Carmine Coppola

Additional Music by:
Shirley Walker
Nyle Steiner
Bill Douglass
Dick Rosmini

Co-Composed and Co-Conducted by:
Dan Carlin, Jr.

2001 Album Produced by:
Luc Van de Ven
Ford A. Thaxton

2009 Album Produced by:
Douglass Fake
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Prometheus Records
(December 10th, 2001)

Intrada Records
(August, 2009)
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The 2001 Prometheus album that includes The Black Stallion Returns was a Belgian release, only to be found at soundtrack specialty outlets. While the album was not explicitly printed in limited quantities, stock was not available in major retail stores. The 2009 Intrada album is limited to 1,500 copies and was distributed through soundtrack specialty outlets for $30. It had not sold out by March, 2010.
Coppola was nominated for a Golden Globe.
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Buy it... on the limited 2009 Intrada album if you love the film and desire a truly comprehensive examination of the evolution of Carmine Coppola's troubled efforts to find the right heart for the concept.

Avoid it... if you expect the butchered, often badly understated score for the classic to meet any of the same standards of storytelling excellence by which you casually recall the film itself.
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WRITTEN 1/11/02, REVISED 2/27/10
The Black Stallion: (Carmine Coppola/Shirley Walker) The films based on "The Black Stallion" fantasy story written by Walter Farley in 1941 were not only popular, but they helped the concept become a fixture in the early 1980's, offering the topic of the human/animal/nature relationship that had been short in quantity until that time. Both the highly acclaimed original film and its redundant sequel culminated in predictable horse races, exhibiting highly acclaimed, often spectacular location photography. The original 1979 film retains the most attention in the mainstream for its classic storyline, depicting a boy and a wild Arabian stallion marooned on a tropical island as the sole survivors of a shipwreck. The film is divided very obviously into two halves, the first dealing with the growing relationship between the boy and the horse (helping each other to survive) and the second showing their training and winning of a race in America after their rescue. Both films were produced by Francis Ford Coppola, and it was because of this connection that Coppola's father, Carmine Coppola, ultimately received the assignment to score the first film. To say that the scoring process of The Black Stallion was a mess is generously worded. In fact, it was a tense nightmare that churned in the background of the Coppolas' concurrent efforts on Apocalypse Now. Due to the producer's initial wish to have a purely unconventional musical approach for the concept, the film was originally to be scored by jazz and classical crossover artist William Russo, but immediate disagreements with first-time director Carroll Ballard about this musical approach caused the composer to walk away without writing a note. Working with Carmine Coppola yielded a decent orchestral score for the director, though Ballard was determined to cut it to pieces and demand significant re-writes of that material. The difficulty of working with Ballard's precise musical vision of how the film should sound eventually caused Coppola to become alienated with the project in its last weeks of rewrites, and team member Shirley Walker, along with several of the session musicians themselves, were forced by Ballard to rewrite multiple cues for the final edits of the film.

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***** 112 5 Stars
**** 107 4 Stars
*** 70 3 Stars
** 58 2 Stars
* 73 1 Stars
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Audio Samples   ▼
2001 Prometheus Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 65:41
The Black Stallion:

• 1. Theme from The Black Stallion (2:33)
• 2. The Island (3:26)
• 3. Cobra Death (1:50)
• 4. First Feeding (2:13)
• 5. The Black Stallion (0:46)
• 6. Playing Tag & Magnificent Horse (2:36)
• 7. The Legend (1:15)
• 8. Campfire (1:03)
• 9. The Ride (2:33)
• 10. The Rescue (3:55)
• 11. Dad's Glove and Watch (2:41)
• 12. Chase Through Town (2:21)
• 13. In Training (1:57)
• 14. Henry (1:52)
• 15. Flash Back & Winner's Circle (1:33)
• 16. Reprise: Theme from The Black Stallion (2:37)
The Black Stallion Returns:

• 17. Alec and the Black Stallion (3:13)
• 18. Stowaway on the Clipper (2:11)
• 19. Raj Comes Home (3:36)
• 20. Meslar: Desert Hero (2:36)
• 21. Race and Escape (3:05)
• 22. Together Again (4:17)
• 23. Shetahn to Casablanca (1:31)
• 24. Oasis Attack (1:44)
• 25. Finale: The Black Stallion Returns (8:06)
2009 Intrada Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 126:03

Notes Icon
The inserts of both the 2001 and 2009 albums include extensive commentary about the score and film.

Full credits from the 2001 album:
    Performed by The Zoetrope Film Symphony Orchestra
    Tracks 1, 3, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 Composed by Carmine Coppola
    Track 9 Composed by Carmine Coppola and Shirley Walker
    Tracks 4, 5, and 10 Composed by Shirley Walker and Nyle Steiner
    Track 2 Composed by Shirley Walker, Nyle Steiner, Bill Douglass and Carmine Coppola
    Track 6 Composed by Carmine Coppola, Kenneth Nash, George Marsh
    Track 13 Composed by Dick Rosmini
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