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Guardians of the Galaxy
Album Cover Art
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Deluxe 2-CD Set
Album 2 Cover Art
Composed and Produced by:
Tyler Bates

Additional Music, Co-Orchestrated, and Co-Conducted by:
Timothy Williams

Additional Music by:
Dieter Hartmann

Co-Conducted by:
Gavin Greenaway

Co-Orchestrated by:
Drew Krassowsky
Edward Trybek
Neal Desby
Lewis Meyer
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Hollywood Records
(July 29th, 2014)
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The songs and score were released separately as download products. The "Deluxe" set features both on two CDs. All offerings are from Hollywood Records and are regular commercial releases.
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Buy it... if you want to be pleasantly surprised by the solid effort turned in by Tyler Bates for this score, a work complete with several engaging action cues and an entertaining Alan Silvestri-style main theme.

Avoid it... if you expect the score to excel at reflecting the cheeky humor of the film, its somewhat derivative orchestral, choral, and synthetic techniques never acknowledging the vital personality of the songs heard in the story's context.
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WRITTEN 10/19/14
Guardians of the Galaxy: (Tyler Bates) The Marvel concept of "Guardians of the Galaxy" dates back to 1969, but the grouping of space-faring misfits that make up the gang for the 2014 movie of that name have their origin in a recent 2008 version of the comic series. The story of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is not particularly intellectual; that's not its purpose. This group of bizarre characters from around the galaxy is brought together by the pursuit of a powerful orb that causes explosions and havoc and everything else that cures erectile dysfunction. There's the obligatory Earthling thrown into the fray, of course, guiding the "guardians" from nefarious origins to noble intentions and giving moviegoers reason to care. More than most Marvel concepts, "Guardians of the Galaxy" thrives on its balance of straight forward outer space adventures and, even more so than in its other series, a plethora of really bizarre and imaginative characters well beyond the typical guy in a glitzy superhero suit. The adaptation to screen was an immediate success, leading the summer box office (Marvel movies in fact finished in the top two positions by the autumn of 2014) and spawning the planning of a sequel for 2017. One key to the likability factor of the movie was its somewhat unconventional use of music. True to its original era, the script called for the actual on-screen application of several songs from the 1970's, give or take a few years on either side, due to the "origin story" of the human character. The film uses these well-known standards in very obvious places during its runtime, relying upon the music as one of its sources of cheeky humor. When translated onto album, that collection of songs became the first such packaging of all-existing favorites ever to top the Billboard 200 charts as a soundtrack, a remarkable feat. Relegated to a secondary role was the original score for the film, provided by composer Tyler Bates in the continuation of a running collaboration with director James Gunn. The Marvel universe has featured such a wide array of composers in its various incarnations that it should probably be no surprise that Bates, the composer most famous for being busted for plagiarism in the digital era, was allowed a crack at one of its concepts. While nobody will confuse Bates with the level of talent that has graced other Marvel films (Patrick Doyle, Alan Silvestri, Brian Tyler, John Debney, Craig Armstrong), there was initially understandable concern that his effort would reside closer to the Ramin Djawadi and Henry Jackman end of the Hans Zimmer-derivative scale.

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Average: 3.04 Stars
***** 32 5 Stars
**** 66 4 Stars
*** 82 3 Stars
** 54 2 Stars
* 32 1 Stars
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(Comment Deleted by Poster)
Mr. Big - January 18, 2016, at 11:23 a.m.
1 comment  (440 views)
Main Theme
Timothy Heim - May 29, 2015, at 12:12 p.m.
1 comment  (724 views)
Alternate Review at Best Original Scores
orion_mk3 - March 4, 2015, at 12:44 p.m.
1 comment  (852 views)
Bates's personal odor problem.   Expand >>
SolarisLem - October 20, 2014, at 11:46 a.m.
3 comments  (2691 views)
Newest: October 20, 2014, at 3:09 p.m. by
Edmund Meinerts
not surprising
John Scigulinsky - October 20, 2014, at 10:16 a.m.
1 comment  (1315 views)
"Guardians of the Galaxy" Review, by Entertainment Junkie
Callum Hofler - October 20, 2014, at 12:27 a.m.
1 comment  (1185 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
Download Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 64:34
• 1. Morag (1:58)
• 2. The Final Battle Begins (4:21)
• 3. Plasma Ball (1:18)
• 4. Quill's Big Retreat (1:38)
• 5. To the Stars (2:52)
• 6. Ronan's Theme (2:24)
• 7. Everyone's an Idiot (1:26)
• 8. What a Bunch of A-Holes (2:14)
• 9. Busted (1:34)
• 10. The New Meat (0:36)
• 11. The Destroyer (1:27)
• 12. Sanctuary (2:26)
• 13. The Kyln Escape (7:23)
• 14. Don't Mess With My Walkman (0:44)
• 15. The Great Companion (0:51)
• 16. The Road to Knowhere (0:37)
• 17. The Collector (3:20)
• 18. Ronan's Arrival (0:56)
• 19. The Pod Chase (3:56)
• 20. Sacrifice (3:20)
• 21. We All Got Dead People (1:46)
• 22. The Ballad of the Nova Corps (Instrumental) (1:48)
• 23. Groot Spores (1:11)
• 24. Guardians United (2:46)
• 25. The Big Blast (3:05)
• 26. Groot Cocoon (2:29)
• 27. Black Tears (2:43)
• 28. Citizens Unite (1:15)
• 29. A Nova Upgrade (2:10)
Deluxe 2-CD Set Tracks   ▼Total Time: 109:09

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None of the albums' inserts includes extra information about the score or film.
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