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Humanoids from the Deep
Album Cover Art
2001 GNP Crescendo
2011 BSX Records
Album 2 Cover Art
Composed and Produced by:

Conducted by:
David Newman
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GNP Crescendo Records
(August 28th, 2001)

BSX Records
(October 19th, 2011)
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The 2001 GNP Crescendo album (with Battle Beyond the Stars) was a regular U.S. release but became scarce after the label went out of business, escalating in value to $30. The 2011 BSX Records album (with both Horner and Lennertz's scores for the concept) is limited to 1,000 copies but sold through soundtrack specialty outlets for an initial retail price of only $16.
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Buy it... on the 2001 album pairing this score with Battle Beyond the Stars, for its sparse, mundane, and derivative suspense really doesn't merit its own album.

Avoid it... if you have no need to hear James Horner shamelessly emulate Jerry Goldsmith in yet another of his early scores for B-rate films, though the similarities here are not quite as obnoxious.
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WRITTEN 11/28/11
Humanoids from the Deep: (James Horner) Although Roger Corman's New World Pictures studio was attempting to expand into the realm of mainstream science fiction in 1980 with the space fantasy Battle Beyond the Stars, the inevitable pull towards the unsavory realms of sex and gore led the gang of B-rate filmmakers to tackle Humanoids from the Deep the same year. The low-budget flick was a variation on the "monsters from under the water" scenario realized so many times before, but with Corman as the financier, this entry would appeal to teenage boys with its gratuitous scenes of nudity, rape, and death. Ironically, its script and original direction (by female director Barbara Peters, no less) emphasized the story's more serious character-based conflicts and prejudices, assigning false blame for declining fish counts in an American Northwest town to easy human targets rather than beasts from the ocean. During post-production, it was determined that the movie needed more of the typical Corman touch, so most of the sex and nudity seen in the final cut was shot and inserted late in the process. The monsters in Humanoids from the Deep are giant bipeds that come out of the water to procreate with women, and like most teenage men, they seem to prefer sexy types with large breasts. By the end, however, they declare war on the town and tear apart its festival for good measure, leaving bodies everywhere for the cameras to feast upon. It's the type of movie destined for a life on home video, where it has received a fair amount of attention in part due to a remake by Corman himself in 1996. The rising house composer for New World Pictures at the time of the original production was 26-year-old James Horner, fresh out of graduate school and looking for a break in the industry. The Corman films were largely that stroke of luck, introducing the composer to several of his later collaborators, including Ron Howard and James Cameron. While Battle Beyond the Stars featured clearly the best music of Horner's association with the studio, all such efforts, including Humanoids from the Deep, contained significant resemblances to temp tracks and the composer's own inspiration. In the case of this trashy horror film, the connections are nowhere as obvious as they are in the far more famous and acclaimed Battle Beyond the Stars, but they do exist. Add to the equation the need for a fair amount of glum suspense music and you get a score that is definitely one to forget for even Horner enthusiasts.

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Average: 2.61 Stars
***** 10 5 Stars
**** 9 4 Stars
*** 11 3 Stars
** 11 2 Stars
* 21 1 Stars
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Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
2001 GNP Crescendo Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 68:12
Battle Beyond the Stars:
• 1. Main Title (2:00)
• 2. Malmori Rear Guard (3:52)
• 3. The Battle Begins (4:33)
• 4. Nanelia and Shad (1:27)
• 5. Cowboy and the Jackers (3:36)
• 6. Nanelia's Capture (1:29)
• 7. The Maze Battle (3:11)
• 8. Shad's Pursuit (3:23)
• 9. Cowboy's Attack (1:45)
• 10. Love Theme (3:52)
• 11. The Hunter (1:40)
• 12. Gelt's Death (1:30)
• 13. Nanelia (1:32)
• 14. Heading for Sador (0:59)
• 15. Destruction of Hammerhead (2:36)
• 16. Epilogue/End Title (5:03)
Humanoids from the Deep:
• 17. Main Title (2:27)
• 18. The Buck-O (3:45)
• 19. Unwelcome Visitor (2:02)
• 20. Night Swim (1:48)
• 21. Jerry and Peggy (0:57)
• 22. Trip Upriver (1:58)
• 23. The Humanoids Attack (2:54)
• 24. Jerry's Death (2:04)
• 25. Search for Clues (1:56)
• 26. Strange Catch (1:07)
• 27. The Grotto (3:22)
• 28. Night Prowlers (2:08)
• 29. Final Confrontation (3:04)
• 30. Aftermath and New birth (2:22)
• 31. End Title (2:12)
2011 BSX Records Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 56:27

Notes Icon
The inserts of both albums include extensive notes about the film and its music, as well excerpts from an old CinemaScore interview with Horner.
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