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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Album Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Produced by:
Daniel Pemberton
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Sony Classical
(December 17, 2018)
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Regular U.S. release. The digital product contains three extra tracks not included on the CD.
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Buy it... if the pharmaceutical industry has failed to light a fire under your butt via alterations to your brain chemistry, because this film score is a much less expensive alternative towards achieving that dubious end.

Avoid it... if you'd prefer not to spoil your day with offensively schizophrenic, overbearingly loud, and obnoxiously processed music trying so hard to be uniquely cool that it devolves into comedic horrors.
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WRITTEN 1/23/19
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: (Daniel Pemberton) Sony had been long contemplating unconventional directions for its "Spider-Man" concept, not remaining content with its endless reboots in live-action form. Their answer is 2018's animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which opens a doorway to multiple universes with their own Spider-Mans and associated villain incarnations. The movie allowed Sony to twist the character's human form into a new body and, frankly, dozens of other bodies, expanding the appeal of the character beyond the limitations of the typical Peter Parker depiction. All of this is accomplished with a comic book-inspired 2D animation style that required a record number of artists to render for a motion picture. The dizzying story of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse follows the opening of this "multiverse" via a supervillain's particle accelerator under New York, which brings a slew of other Spider-Mans and other characters into this universe temporarily. This onslaught of characters allows a number of them to be killed ingloriously, and the action inspires a young black and Latino boy from Brooklyn to take over the Spider-Man mantle in the home universe. The audience witnesses his transition into the role with extreme reverence to the original comic inspiration. The soundtrack for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is dominated by the songs that would appeal to Miles Morales, the lead African-American teenager destined to become Spider-Man in our universe. Naturally, the blend of hip hop, rap, and pop influences from those songs has an impact on Daniel Pemberton's score for the movie. The English composer, a relative but already well-awarded novice in the film scoring world, is known for his unconventional blends of genres in his work for the screen, and that knack for the unexpected is exercised fully in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Any score competing with so many dominant song placements is placed at a disadvantage, but this is not the first time Sony has put a "Spider-Man" score in such a position. Pemberton responds by combining five different personalities into one composition: his own Oceans 8 suavity, Hans Zimmer's post-modern muscularity, Ludwig Göransson's Black Panther inventiveness, funk-evolved David Arnold electronics, and awkward Looney Tunes juvenility. It's certainly one of the most fascinating listening experiences of 2018, if only for the sheer hideousness of its combined personality.

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Average: 2.77 Stars
***** 17 5 Stars
**** 18 4 Stars
*** 23 3 Stars
** 27 2 Stars
* 25 1 Stars
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missed the point
Jonathan - May 4, 2019, at 11:34 a.m.
1 comment  (449 views)
Just one small correction
Leo - February 26, 2019, at 2:34 a.m.
1 comment  (445 views)

Track Listings Icon
Sony Classical Digital Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 81:46
• 1. Into the Spider-Verse (0:59)
• 2. Only One Spider-Man (2:13)
• 3. Visions Brooklyn 1, 2, 3 (3:17)
• 4. Security Guard (1:06)
• 5. Comic Book (0:44)
• 6. Green Goblin Fight (2:12)
• 7. The Amazing Spider-Man (1:56)
• 8. The Collider (1:14)
• 9. Destiny (2:46)
• 10. Escape the Subway (1:56)
• 11. Mi Amor (1:19)
• 12. Spider-Training (1:23)
• 13. Rest in Peace (1:20)
• 14. My Name is Peter B. Parker (0:52)
• 15. For The Love of MJ (0:38)
• 16. Peter Enters the Spider-Verse (1:36)
• 17. Cementery Splat (0:37)
• 18. Catch the S Train (1:55)
• 19. Quantum Physics (1:20)
• 20. Gimme the Goober (1:15)
• 21. Alchemmax Infiltration Plan (1:47)
• 22. Alchemax Arrives (2:17)
• 23. Spider-Man Science (2:06)
• 24. Take the Computer and Run (1:25)
• 25. Are You Ready to Swing? (3:09)
• 26. Gwen Enters the Spider-Verse (0:46)
• 27. Kingpin Clicks (1:37)
• 28. Aunt May and the Spider-Shed (3:54)
• 29. The Prowler (2:45)
• 30. Breakdown the House... (2:27)
• 31. ...And Tear off the Roof (2:30)
• 32. On Your Way (2:18)
• 33. The Team Leaves (1:57)
• 34. This Spark in You (2:10)
• 35. Spider-Team Mission (1:44)
• 36. MJ in the Restaurant (0:54)
• 37. Suicide Squad (1:46)
• 38. Miles Morales Returns (3:45)
• 39. Saying Goodbye (1:49)
• 40. Shut It Down (1:15)
• 41. Kingpin Fight (2:59)
• 42. Shoulder Touch (2:33)
• 43. Aftermath (1:26)
• 44. Spider-Man Loves You (1:51)
Sony Classical CD Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 78:24

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The insert includes no information about the score or film, not even basic credits for the composition or recording.
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