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Summary of site status for 2006
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2006, at 1:21 p.m.
• IP Address:

Re-Write Project Update:

As most Filmtracks regulars know by now, I'm in the process of revising all the reviews I wrote for the site from its birth in 1996 through the start of 2003, when the new format for reviews (including the "Filmtracks Recommends" section) was introduced. Once this process is done, all reviews will have uniform formats, lengthier and more informed commentary, audio clips, comment areas, and other features standard to a review from 2003 to today.

The numbers are daunting, but I'm almost halfway through the process. In 2003, I started re-writing the remaining "legacy" reviews at the site. This first phase of re-writes required totally new reviews and the addition of those albums into Filmtracks' current database format (some of the code on those pages hadn't been updated since 1998). This process involved 276 reviews from 1996 to 1999, the last of which was re-written in the autumn of 2006. You'll see the last few compilations from this first phase trickling out in the On Cue section of the site (as they currently are) in January of 2007.

With those 276 legacy reviews finished, the project of revising the next phase of older Filmtracks reviews started this past August. This second phase includes 499 albums from 1997 to 2000 and were divided into three classifications of need: major, moderate, and minor. Many of the albums needing "major" overhauls have already been addressed in the latter half of 2006, leaving the following breakdown of remaining work:

Major: 50 (87 originally)
Moderate: 311
Minor: 101
Total: 462 (still remaining)

It will realistically take about 3 years to finish revising these remaining 462 reviews. My goal for completion is October of 2009, the 13th anniversary of the site. Once that process is done, the third and final phase of revisions will end the overall project. This last phase involves the approximately 200 reviews from 2001 and 2002, though almost all of these reviews will require only the addition of a "recommends" section. By October of 2010, all review work at Filmtracks will involve only all-new coverage, either of new products or the addition of older scores to the site for the first time.

As the process continues, the updated reviews will continue to be featured in the On Cue section of the home page. First, the "major" re-writes from "phase 2" will begin in a few weeks. Then, the "moderate" re-writes/revisions will appear. The reviews that need "minor" work are the lowest priority and may never be featured in the On Cue section (even as they are completed).

I realize that this process irritates many readers who would prefer to see only new coverage. But the standard of writing at Filmtracks has changed dramatically since 1996, and once this project is finished, there should never again be the need to revise an old review (unless, of course, a new CD or future format is released for that score). You'll find that the insight in these re-writes is far superior to the original content, eliminating many of the problems that visitors have had with the writing itself.

The fate of donated reviews to Filmtracks remains undetermined. About a dozen of the "phase 2" re-writes will involve the replacement of donated reviews at Filmtracks with new editorial commentary. Some of the donated reviews from 1997 to 2000 will still be available on the site, while some will be replaced and then eliminated. At this time, while the re-writing project is in progress, donated reviews will not be readily accepted.

2006 Site Summary:

On average, I have historically been able to write 120 reviews per year. In 2005, Filmtracks added 72 reviews of new 2005 products and 57 re-writes, totalling 129 reviews in sum. As I cautioned viewers of the site, 2006 would feature far more re-writes and fewer reviews of new products. In the end, I was able to review 44 new 2005/2006 albums while re-writing 120 old reviews (the remaining 83 from "phase 1" and 37 "major" re-writes from "phase 2"), bringing 2006's total to 164 reviews.

So while it may not seem like it, 2006 has been a much more productive year for the site than 2005, despite the significant decrease in reviews of all-new products. Given that 2006 has proven to be a relatively poor year for film scores, the loss hasn't been too great. Even if all the new albums aren't being reviewed, I'm still listening to them as they come in... and if there's anything particularly outstanding, you can be sure that I'd let you know.

My goals for 2007 are to write 40 reviews of all-new products (same as in 2006) and 140 revisions. The goal for the number of revisions is higher because that work will become easier as the I wade through the "moderate" quality of older reviews that may require only revisions instead of total re-writes.

Gross revenue for Filmtracks remained about the same in 2006 (compared to 2005), though costs were significantly down. All major sponsorships are under contract through at least the middle of 2007.

Traffic levels decreased about 1.5% in 2006 due to the lack of blockbuster films with high profile score albums.

Major software enhancements to Filmtracks in 2006 were the most important project of the year. If you combine these technical upgrades with the 160+ reviews written and higher net profits, the site has experienced a fantastic year. I sincerely hope that the long-time visitors of Filmtracks can appreciate the significant amount of back-end work getting accomplished in lieu of a plethora of all-new reviews. The site remains, to my knowledge, the most widely visited, oldest (under original ownership), most profitable, least respected (in the industry), and strangely humored film score site on the web. It's my intention to try to keep it that way...

Best of wishes to all in 2007,


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