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Review status: first half of 2012
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Monday, July 16, 2012, at 11:05 a.m.
• IP Address:

Challenges relating to setbacks in my non-Filmtracks career, two emergency surgeries, and a number of other cumulative issues have struck a major blow to Filmtracks in 2012. While there has always been enough stockpiled coverage waiting to keep the site fresh with new content at times like this, there have been clear declines in traffic and revenue as a result of the site's stagnation in 2012.

During the first two months of 2012, review output was wildly successful, with 66 all-new reviews written during that period alone. When I was laid off from my real-life information technology job of eight years at the end of February, however, my schedule for Filmtracks was largely cancelled and most reviews and projects slated for completion were postponed until I could find another regular job with which to support my family. Despite applying and traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest for such work, I am still unemployed as of this posting.

Due to those fabulous first two months of this year, I'm actually still on pace for my projections for productivity in 2012 overall. That is because the number of new reviews of old albums has already reached the goal for the entire year. Conversely, the number of new reviews of new albums, as well as the number of re-writes (adding new albums to existing coverage) is far behind the pace. It is extremely unlikely that the goals set forth for 2012 this past January will be met, even though 84 all-new reviews have been written so far in the year.

Since I will likely have to relocate my family when I do find a new full-time job, and considering that such a position will probably not afford me the ability to listen to film music while at the workplace, there is no expectation that coverage levels at Filmtracks will return to 2009-2011 quantity anytime soon. Other major projects, such as overhauls to the composer tributes, will likely be postponed indefinitely.

The possibility that Filmtracks will be forced into hibernation has become real, if not probable. While I have recently received offers from vulture capitalist companies who wish to purchase Filmtracks' assets, I would prefer to keep ownership of the site until better times inevitably come along. Doing so will be a financial struggle, however, as traffic in June this year was down 5% from last year and revenue is down 11%. Keeping the site financially solvent is a challenge that will be easier with the total elimination of my purchasing budget as coverage breadth is sacrificed.

There are many fantastic places Filmtracks can still go in the future, especially in the mobile market. High resolution graphics, new audio usage, and evolving methods of delivering content also wait as I solve life's more pressing issues in the interim. Perseverance and patience will pay off eventually, no matter what city Filmtracks moves to or how long the site lingers in moribundity.


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