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Summary of site status for 2012
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013, at 9:03 p.m.
• IP Address:

2012 Summary of the Reviews:

Life sometimes throws curveballs at us all, and Filmtracks suffered from one such stroke of misfortune in 2012. Coverage levels plummeted starting in March of the year due to my termination from a long-held day job in Missoula, Montana on leap day. All formal review schedules were eliminated and the quantity of new reviews returned to much lower, mid-2000's levels. Total output for 2012 exactly matched that of 2005.

Reviews of 2012 (and late 2011) scores amounted to 50, and first-time reviews of older scores totaled 49. There were only 31 re-writes of older coverage in 2012, all of which adding newly-released albums to existing reviews. Unlike previous years, there were no older reviews re-written just for the sake of improvement of content. In sum, when combining the new and revised work, 130 reviews were "touched" in 2012, down from 316 the year before and 175 in 2010.

My goals for 2013 have been greatly reduced due to the real life challenges I currently face; these tasks relate to my move to Wyoming in January and commencement of a difficult new day job at a state college that requires significant upgrades to its web systems. Since that new job requires very long work hours, my time for reviewing will be limited. Re-writes will be afforded to all of those scores which experience a new 2013 album release. I estimate these will total 30 reviews.

As for all-new reviews in 2013, I'm setting the extremely low goals of only 40 reviews of current, brand-new scores and 10 new reviews of older scores. As of the end of February, only 5 reviews have been "touched" at Filmtracks (3 new, 2 re-writes); last year, the first two months yielded 70 touched reviews. Indeed, times change.

By the numbers:

2012 Goals:
New Reviews of New Albums: 70
New Reviews of Old Albums: 50
Re-Writes: 60

2012 Final Stats:
New Reviews of New Albums: 50
New Reviews of Old Albums: 49
Re-Writes: 31

2013 Goals:
New Reviews of New Albums: 40
New Reviews of Old Albums: 10
Re-Writes: 30

2012 Summary of the Overall Site:

There were no major projects completed at Filmtracks in 2012. An updated, revised version of the Filmtracks logo and header imagery remains finished but awaiting some free time for testing and implementation. I do not anticipate any projects other than that to be considered for execution during 2013. Due to the circumstances of the site's move to Wyoming, the Filmtracks Awards for 2012 will be delayed until at least the summer of 2013, if not later. Some of the CDs I need to consider for the awards are packing in boxes in Montana at this time.

Fiscally, 2012 was a disastrous year for Filmtracks. The site lost money in 7 of the 12 months and finished the year with only $200 in the bank. Until I acquired a new day job in December, the money from which will serve as an emergency backstop for Filmtracks during slow months, I pursued two possible deals to sell the site. Negotiations broke down with both potential suitors, their final offers not lucrative enough to justify all the work that has gone into the site's content and brand through the years.

Traffic levels remained static at Filmtracks until the end of the year, when coverage abruptly stopped and a consequent reduction in viewership resulted. Dedicated film score collectors continue to comprise a greater portion of the readership than ever before, and donations to the site are still a vital reason for the site's survival. I have hope that Filmtracks will ascend in coverage quantity and mainstream readership again in the future. Once real life circumstances calm down, a consistent reviewing schedule can return.

On the upside, with the review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I passed the two-million word mark in the reviews at Filmtracks. Verbosity, time permitting, doesn't seem to be an issue.

Best wishes to all in 2013,


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