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Summary of site status for 2017
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at 9:32 a.m.
• IP Address:

2017 Summary of the Reviews:

Although most of 2017's major blockbuster scores were covered by the end of the campaign, the year's review schedule was inconsistent and yielded the least coverage of any year at Filmtracks other than 2014. A four-month break in coverage during the fall season caused December, 2017 and January, 2018 to focus on catching up. The review schedule continues to exist in bursts as real-life circumstances persist to interfere for extended periods of time and do not allow for adequate development of Filmtracks' content.

New reviews of 2017 and late 2016 scores totaled 32, falling short of the goal of 35 all-new reviews for the year. No all-new reviews of older scores debuted during that time. As with prior years, all re-writes during the year involved adding newly-released albums to existing reviews, and only 24 of these were done during 2017, a significant decrease in such coverage due largely to labels no longer supplying Filmtracks with copies of major re-releases. Together, 56 reviews were written or re-written in the year, down from 74 in 2016 and falling short of the goal of 65.

Over the years, it has always been the goal of Filmtracks to publish 100 "touched" reviews (new reviews plus updated reviews) in any calendar year, so these totals continue to be lower than the site's historical averages. The site will maintain the same goals as those from 2016 and 2017 for another year despite the continued absence of a permanent office location. No optional reviews of older scores will be attempted, and long stretches without coverage will hopefully not plague 2018 as it did the prior year.

By the numbers:

2017 Goals:
New Reviews of New Albums: 35
New Reviews of Old Albums: 0
Re-Writes: 30

2017 Final Stats:
New Reviews of New Albums: 32
New Reviews of Old Albums: 0
Re-Writes: 24

2018 Goals:
New Reviews of New Albums: 35
New Reviews of Old Albums: 0
Re-Writes: 30

2017 Summary of the Overall Site:

Filmtracks continues to ride the major redesign and software overhaul the site experienced in 2015, with no major alterations to any features planned for 2017 or 2018. There remain a few small bugs in the software and adaptive layouts that need squashed, and the server efficiency of the Scoreboard Forum's software should be addressed, but Filmtracks otherwise is likely to hum along through another year without structural updates. Even during slow times in coverage, participation levels at the Scoreboard have remained consistent.

Regular monthly revenue continues to decline at Filmtracks, a circumstance typical to any content provider in this era. Traffic remained consistent until late in the year as coverage ceased temporarily, but the site was already projected of for a sizable annual financial loss even at the traffic levels of the first half of the year. Donations decreased 12% in 2017 compared to 2016, and the site's CD sale remained suspended since its inventory sits in storage in Montana. Site costs were reduced, however, mostly as albums were not purchased for review and simply went uncovered.

At the start of 2017, a major specialty record label decided to cease supplying products (digitally or physically) to the site for review consideration, straining an already limited purchasing budget beyond the point at which the site can continue to be comprehensive in its coverage. This unfortunate circumstance would add at least $500 annually to Filmtracks' purchasing budget, and absent such funds, the site has unfortunately lapsed on maintaining coverage of all re-releases of scores already reviewed at the site. While readers have shared their discontent with this reality, there is not much the site can do.

The outlook for Filmtracks in 2018 is murky because real-life circumstances have greatly affected the time available for this site. Just weeks prior to initiating financing on the construction of a permanent office for the site and home for my family, my employer in Seattle cut my position and threw the entire project off schedule. Due to the rules of financial underwriting, the project cannot continue this year even as I have acquired new employment. After the immensely frustrating timing of these events and lingering medical issues with the family, the laws of the universe will hopefully balance out and a few lucky breaks will ensue in 2018.

As Filmtracks and my family endeavor to get back on their feet, I thank the longtime readers for the continued support and encouragement during these seemingly perpetual tumultuous times.

Best wishes to all in 2018,


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