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Alvin and the Chipmunks
Album Cover Art
2007 Promo
2008 La-La Land
Album 2 Cover Art
Composed, Co-Orchestrated, Conducted, and Co-Produced by:
Christopher Lennertz

Co-Orchestrated by:
Andrew Kinney
Robert Elhai
Rossano Galante
Dana Niu
Brandon Roberts
Larry Rench

Co-Produced by:
MV Gerhard
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First Artists Management Promo
(December, 2007)

La-La Land Records
(September 19th, 2008)
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The promotional album from First Artists Management was reduced in value by the similar, 1,000-copy La-La Land Records product released the following year. The latter album did not sell well, however, eventually reduced in retail price by the label to only $6 in 2010.
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Buy it... on either of its nearly identical, rare score-only albums if you seek a pleasantly undemanding children's score that will meet your expectations but not exceed them.

Avoid it... if even a heartfelt primary theme of sincere character cannot salvage a listening experience that does apply necessary Carl Stalling/Warner Brothers cartoon techniques for the squeaky protagonists' activities.
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WRITTEN 10/6/10
Alvin and the Chipmunks: (Christopher Lennertz) Regardless of the disdain that many feel towards the high-pitched vocal manipulations that made these memorable chipmunks famous in the 1960's, their longevity and popularity continue to impress. Songwriter Ross Bagdasarian's 1958 creations translated their Grammy-winning success into a 1961 television show that became a staple of children's viewing for decades. Songs performed by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore linger in the memory because of their uniquely tweaked vocalizations, obnoxious pop culture icons resurrected in part by Bagdasarian's son for a 2007 animated feature. Fox's adaptation of the idea mixed animated and live action elements, telling of the story of how the three famous chipmunks used their speaking abilities to become famous. The plot of Alvin and the Chipmunks reboots the concept in modern times, largely ignoring the long history of the characters until an overview of their many cover versions of songs at the end. Their relationship with their surrogate human father and battles with an evil music executive determined to use them to his advantage prove the heart and foil of what otherwise is an excuse to give their high pitched squeaking opportunities to mangle songs. Incredibly, the film was a monumental fiscal success, finishing in the top 10 highest grossing films of 2007 and returning over $360 million on an investment of $60 million. It definitely helped composer Christopher Lennertz continue his transition from television and video game scores to mainstream feature projects; within just a few years, he would become not only a reliable provider of innocuous children's music similar to his work for Alvin and the Chipmunks, but also a source of intriguingly superior parody music for wretched cultural comedies. A few unique challenges faced Lennertz when writing for Alvin and the Chipmunks, the first obviously the task of balancing the wacky personality of the characters' singing personas with a score that was genuine enough to lend the concept some sense of warmth and heart. Avoiding a straight Carl Stalling/Warner Brothers rip-off is always a difficult aspect of such assignments, too. There are the inevitable Stalling-like passages of whirlwind orchestral mayhem, the action sequences begging for familiar material in this regard. But the most interesting hurdle to jump for this score was the fact that the music's instrumental tone couldn't interfere with dialogue that exists in the highest registers of the soundscape (rather than usual human pitch). With sincerity and a bit of technical creativity, Lennertz succeeds in providing the film with what it needed, though the result is still somewhat generic genre fodder when presented alone on album.

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Average: 2.59 Stars
***** 9 5 Stars
**** 12 4 Stars
*** 17 3 Stars
** 20 2 Stars
* 21 1 Stars
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Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
2007 Promo Tracks   ▼Total Time: 36:10
• 1. Main Title (1:10)
• 2. I'm Late (0:43)
• 3. Ever? (2:10)
• 4. No More Nuts (0:36)
• 5. Dave's Theme (0:50)
• 6. Storing Food for Winter (4:15)
• 7. Rescue the Gear (0:26)
• 8. Toaster Waffles (1:26)
• 9. Leave Me Alone (2:19)
• 10. I'll Clean Out My Office (1:38)
• 11. Are You Awake? (1:19)
• 12. Christmas Morning (4:12)
• 13. Live With Uncle Ian (2:40)
• 14. Dinner! (2:11)
• 15. Dave Remembers (0:30)
• 16. Get Them! (1:06)
• 17. Missing the Boys (0:44)
• 18. Dave's Phone Call (1:07)
• 19. Theodore's Nightmare (1:08)
• 20. I Want to Go Home (1:31)
• 21. You'll Never Take Us Alive (3:22)
• 22. Alvin!!! (0:51)
2008 La-La Land Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 35:39

Notes Icon
The insert of the 2007 promo is blank. That of the 2008 La-La Land album includes notes about Lennertz and the score from the composer, director, and producer of the film.
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