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The 2008 Ghent International Film Festival: Angelo Badalamenti
Album Cover Art
For the Record (2009)
Music for Film and Television (2010)
Album 2 Cover Art
Composed, Co-Arranged, Co-Orchestrated, and Co-Produced by:
Angelo Badalamenti

Conducted by:
Dirk Brosse

Co-Arranged, and Co-Orchestrated by:
Kinny Landrum
Phil Marshall
Andy Barretti

Performed by:
Brussels Philharmonic: The Orchestra of Flanders

Co-Produced by:
Jacques Dubrulle
Marian Ponnet
Gunther Broucke
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The Ghent International Film Festival's 2009 "For the Record" 2-CD set was made available only through soundtrack specialty outlets and has no official label, thus making it a promotional item. The 2010 Varèse single CD version of only parts of the prior set is a regular commercial release.

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Buy it... on either the 2009 "For the Record" 2-CD set or the condensed Varèse Sarabande single-CD version of 2010 if you seek a competent selection of extremely faithful recordings of Angelo Badalamenti's most memorable themes.

Avoid it... on the Varèse album if you desire Badalamenti's alluring collaborations with Dolores O'Riordan or the morbid love theme from Blue Velvet, three worthy tracks heard only on the 2009 2-CD set.
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WRITTEN 7/8/11
The 2008 Ghent International Film Festival: Angelo Badalamenti: (Compilations) Since 1986, New York based composer Angelo Badalamenti has provided screens big and small with original scores often saturated with tragic sensibilities. The pianist and songwriter spent several of his early years concentrating on arranging songs with many mainstream pop artists, though his hiring to coach lead actress Isabella Rossellini in her vocals for the David Lynch movie Blue Velvet in 1986 launched both a collaboration with the popular director and an extremely varied film score career over the subsequent few decades. Instrumentally, Badalamenti's palette has always been highly varied and unpredictable in some cases, concentrating on orchestral depth in many of his best film scores but also never afraid to incorporate electric elements in his more contemporary projects. Highly diverse vocals are also a common thread in his work, from the traditional musical environment of The Edge of Love to the world music ensemble performances of Holy Smoke! and the lovely, traditional choral majesty of The Beach. A tragic sense of lyricism is the most defining aspect of his music, and although he has strayed into the realm of dissonance and challenging turbulence in scores like Arlington Road and The Wicker Man, the full range of his music typically emphasizes a significant amount of tonal emotional weight. In many regards, Badalamenti has written the most depressing body of work of any film music composer in the 1990's and 2000's, his tempi often extremely slow, his ensembles rooted in the bass region, and his chord progressions as melodramatically ominous and dark as they are beautiful. His music has been recognized with nominations for all major awards with the exception of the Oscars, earning a Grammy for "Twin Peaks" and a BAFTA for The Comfort of Strangers.

In 2008, Badalamenti received a lifetime achievement award from the World Soundtrack Awards, deserved recognition from a group that otherwise usually makes itself known for some truly bizarre choices in its annual selections of the best film music. As part of the presentation of this award at the Ghent International Film Festival, a concert of Badalamenti music for film, television, and solo projects was assembled for performance by the Brussels Philharmonic. This concert also represented the third time that an album was pressed of these performances, each titled "For the Record." Unlike the prior entries for Craig Armstrong in 2007 and Mychael Danna in 2008, as well as the subsequent concert for Shigeru Umebayashi in 2010, the assembly of Badalamenti music for the 2009 concert and "For the Record" album is far more diverse and comprehensive, spanning two CDs instead of one and amounting to 90 minutes in total length. It touches upon most of the composer's "greatest hits," as well as a few hidden gems, and the performances under the direction of Dirk Brosse (along with the mix of the recording for the album) are so faithful to the original versions that some listeners won't be able to notice any difference. As necessary, electronics or vocals matching what is heard in the original recordings were contracted as well. This review will move quickly through the chronology of "For the Record: Angelo Badalamenti" before summarizing the album and Varèse Sarabande's follow-up product that presents an abbreviated collection of the same performances. The complete "For the Record" album opens with the "Main Title" from Blue Velvet, an elegantly lithe, squirming string theme with suspense and discomfort inherent in its allure. From there, a pair of Badalamenti's most famous romance scores explores two very different sides of the same genre. The fluid, melancholy progressions of the restrained suite from A Very Long Engagement will please many, though the score is likely overrated by fans of the film.

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Average: 3.23 Stars
***** 16 5 Stars
**** 13 4 Stars
*** 11 3 Stars
** 7 2 Stars
* 12 1 Stars
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Track Listings Icon
2009 Ghent Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 90:34
CD 1: (51:43)
• 1. Blue Velvet: Main Title (1:27)
• 2. Un Long Dimance de Fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement): Suite (4:31)
• 3. Cousins: Love Theme (3:36)
• 4. Wild at Heart: Dark Spanish Symphony (3:56)
• 5. The Straight Story: Rose's Theme (3:04)
• 6. La Cite des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children): Suite (6:07)
• 7. La Cite des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children): Who Will Take My Dreams Away? - performed by Marianne Faithful (3:08)
• 8. The Comfort of Strangers: Suite (7:23)
• 9. The Edge of Love: Fire to the Stars (4:46)
• 10. The Edge of Love: Careless Talk - performed by Beth Rowley (3:23)
• 11. Twin Peaks: Suite: Laura Palmer's Theme/Main Title Theme* (8:00)
• 12. The Straight Story: Rose's Theme Duet (2:22)

CD 2: (38:51)
• 1. Inside the Actor's Studio: Suite (9:13)
• 2. Snapshot from Prague (For the Lincoln Center Commission) (4:35)
• 3. Blue Velvet: Mysteries of Love (5:30)
• 4. L'Adversaire (The Adversary): Sacrificing Reality (2:23)
• 5. Evilenko: Angels Go to Heaven - performed by Dolores O'Riordan (3:30)
• 6. "The Butterfly" - performed by Dolores O'Riordan (3:48)
• 7. Mulholland Drive: Main Title (4:14)
• 8. Barcelona Summer Olympics, 1992: The Torch Theme (The Flaming Arrow) (5:38)
* co-written by David Lynch
2010 Varèse Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 71:39

Notes Icon
The insert of the 2009 "For the Record" set contains long notes about the festival, composer, conductor, and orchestra, as well as extensive photography from the event. The 2010 Varèse album features only a short editorial comment about the composer and, surprisingly, no information about the event or recording.
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